30 carbine pistol

So like any Well Disciplined College Educated Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant.

He was also in the invasion force to land on the home island of Japan and was afraid the Garand might not keep him alive this time around. As is tradition, this hand cannon is currently up for sale on, Selling this massive gat is GunBroker seller, What do you think? luckily we were able to!end the war without what was going to be a real bloodbath! He doesn’t know what happened to that poor private, and had too explain to his CO. What happen to his M1 Garand Rifle and how he woke-up with, and got a Pristine Never Fired Brand New US.

I also have a Universal.

And the category where the AK outperformed the M1 was Magazine Storage Capacity 30+1-rounds against 8+1-rounds.

Because he thought it would make him look cool.

I have one of those later models. Please be respectful of others. God Bless America ! I’m trying to acquire a Mauser 98k carbine/rifle in WW2 vintage.

Like maybe if someone manufactured a M1 in a 30/30 or a 44 Magnum… Oh wait Ruger did and discontinued it. I’ve been very happy with my M1 Carbine.

I disliked the M16 in Vietnam, as I was there during the unreliability period of bad ammo, and I purchased an M2 carbine from an ARVN soldier. He was blown off the troop carrier once but remounted and continued to fire. Funny thing was that when I first went to shoot it, I tried to be a “good boy” and use a newly manufactured 10-round magazine made by Auto Ordinance (only 10 round and smaller magazines are legal in CA). It has the same case length as the.357,.41 and.44 Magnums. As the last to fly out, he usually got attacked by infantry at the other end of the runway and his butt stock still has a Chinese hand grenade fragment.

The loud blast is the most oft-mentioned characteristic of the .30 Carbine cartridge fired in a handgun.[10]. In fairness, the carbine was intended for personal defense at moderate range.


I love my AR, AK and other rifles, but this one ranks up there with my JC Higgins (Sears and Roebuck catalog) model 30 22LR (also from my Grandpa) as my SHTF rifle of choice.

I would feel fairly armed with it for defense. In 1958, the short-lived J. Kimball Arms Co. produced a .30 Carbine caliber pistol that closely resembled a slightly scaled-up High Standard Field King .22 target pistol.

But, ask you brother Ansel whether or not he ever heard of or knew Marine Corp Corporal Tony Stein. WHRN WE invaded DOM rep we confiscated evrry eeapon on that sidr of Idlanf and when ee lefy yheir police had M’1 carbines.

They work fine! I want it.” – Giorgio O.

It was on 26 January 1945 near Holtzwihr, France while fighting with the 15th Infantry. Hell sometimes we boiled and used penut oil to lube. Try http://www.apexgunparts.com for One Stop Gun Building Needs.

 =  You could look at the stuff set up and tell that his wife was responsible, nothing really major but still important to him.i came across a canteen cup that was packed with a couple of plain brown boxes and loss .30 Cal rounds with a inch of dust on top. setTimeout( By this point my father was contemplating more drastic measures. I also later purchased the Blackhawk pistol.

But still after 25 years still think about what I had.
AGAIN THANK YOU. Me step was a small man who when not drunk was a good man, but much to mild for those of rough plain speaking men that lived in New Englands brawling dehimanizing mill towns and I only wish i could find some ammo more devestating than SP’s…Is there anything else out there? 30 Carbine, Semi-Automatic, 16.25", Polymer/Textured Wood Stock, Black Finish, 15+... 30 Carbine, Semi-Automatic, 16.25", Adjustable M4 Stock, Black Finish, 10+1 Rds, Inland Manufacturing M30-C Carbine Rifle | ILMM30C, 30 Carbine, Bolt Action, 18", Walnut Stock, Black Finish, 10+1 Rds, Inland Manufacturing T30 Sniper Carbine Rifle | ILM310.

The only problems with these little carbines are the receivers and operating rods are made from cast aluminum. I went to UK-English speaking schools growing up, so I’m more comfortable with the UK-English spelling.

Intended to arm soldiers who need lightweight arms, the PDW is a handy weapon that does not get in the way of other duties, such as driving a tank, manning a radio post or serving as an ammunition bearer.

I will miss the days when our military surplus was an affordable way to shoot as well as collect. Die Patrone hat aufgrund ihrer Geschichte nicht nur historische Bedeutung, sondern sie wird auch noch heute bei verschiedenen Wettbewerben mit Ordonnanzwaffen mit dem Karabiner .30 M1 Carbine eingesetzt.

While I don’t have any experience with .30 carbine rifles – I have much experience with a Ruger Blackhawk .30 carbine pistol and let me tell you – that .30 carbine Ruger is exceptionally accurate.

When I fired the first magazine at 100 yards I was astonished to find that all ten rounds were inside the 12-inch bull.

Russian made ammunition, I don’t know much about the manufacturing process to safely tell you its OK. You have to rely on your judgement. Glad I did as its one of my favorite rifles in my collection. Shopping with us is absolutely safe - you never have to worry about credit card safety when shopping here... Share your latest AR build or photos from the range with #RangeDayFriday for a chance to win a new firearm! The Guns of the First Thanksgiving - The Shooter's Log, AR-15 Quad Rails: Best Practices for Upgrading. Is this custom 30 Carbine AMT AUTOMAG III a truly Hot Gat, or just obnoxious over the top Fudd Crap?

I shot sharpshooter with the Garand but I couldn’t touch the target at 100 yards with the carbine. The original sighting equipment is still in place and deserves some discussion.

I made a remark about workmanship but he just smiled and said he would show me why the gap was there. He and I, walked back to the shooter’s spot. Rubbing your hand together to keep warm will do it. I just now found the website and saved it, and I’ll study it later. }. The bullet was not designed to break at the cannelure, and the cartridge did not produce sufficient velocity to ensure good effect past 100 yards. The rifle was not as accurate as my Winchester .30-30 and, while great fun, not powerful enough for hunting.

U.N. forces in defensive outposts or on patrol often had trouble returning a sufficient volume of fire when attacked by companies of infantry armed with the PPSh. They are single stack, and feed from the very center, and reliably I might add.

The Viet molitary personell werrindeed the little people and Yards and Hmoung hill tribes smaller yet. With that said, this one does seem to be in very good condition for an early 90’s era pistol. I have a Universal .30 carbine and I love it. What is it that makes you infer that it requires a ‘center feed’ mag? Corporal Tony Stein, field modified a T33 (e.i.

And, I qualified or should I say I WAS qualified.

Be sure to let us know in the comments below, and cast your vote to let us know if this custom AMT AUTOMAG III is a Hot Gat or Fudd Crap: The author is a military contractor who enjoys conducting independent firearms research and reloading. “What the Hell Is This, A God-Dammed Cap Gun”. I read somewhere they made a 9x19mmParabellum/Luger, caliber version of the M-1 Carbine, too.

In either late 1939 or early 1940.

Thanks again Sec, but my high power, long range needs are more than covered with my M1A, 308 and my Garand, 30-06.

seen full autos in action and have seen many crank/trigger fired dual and quad gatling guns as well using universal carbines. Far as I know they are not for sale.

I loved that little M-2, and many years later (2012) I purchased a Saginaw M-1 carbine. It is a light rifle round designed to be fired from the M1 carbine's 18-inch (458 mm) barrel.

I just finished talking to a friend of mine, who was also looking for the same sized Chamber Inserts.

So i’ll have to rewrite it for memory. I own it now. Since the cases head space on the case mouth, the most important thing is to make sure the cases are not any longer than 1.29 in. The little gun would really have been a killing machine if at the time they have chambered it to a 110 grain spire point FMJ, but love the little gun anyway! It was never going to happen! It got broken by accident and it was replaced at No Charge because Iver Johnson gave a Life-time warranty on the Stock.

Thanks for filling me in – would really love to hear how it works out.

I think you misunderstood – he didn’t say they wouldn’t bury his father, just that his father couldn’t be buried with his personal ordnance.

When I was 14 my dad got me an Inland M1 carbine made by General Motors in 1944. My father was a 1st Lieutenant at the time of the incident. I even Googled AND Bing!’ed it!

(I SHOT 3 DEER ONE DAY AS THEY WERE RUNNING AND MY BUDDY KEPT YELLING SHOOT HIM HERE HERE HERE…..I STOPPED SHOOTING AND ASK HIM WHY AM I MISSING SO MUCH, HIS REPLY WAS ‘YOU SHOT THREE DEER WITH ONE SHOT EACH.) Where carbine fire had proven killing effect, approximately 95 percent of the time the target was dropped at less than 50 yards. After you posted your comment, I found a short bio at a WWII site that had this quote in it: “The blast shattered the stock of his lucky carbine (which he wired back together), but his own injuries were only minor.”.

Thank you for your service to our country!

Commercial ventures included the Universal, Plainfield and Iver Johnson carbines.

As a hunting arm, the M1 carbine is approximately the equivalent to a .357 Magnum lever-action rifle.

Sorry about The Sportsman’s Guide, I thought for sure they would have the 7.62x33mm to 7.62x63mm Chamber Inserts you were looking for. Low-And-Behold, when he tried to get a new Rifle, they, the US> Army issue him another Cap Gun. Like a bandit he started talking about something else and left with both guns. Only one worse for throwing brass is the Ruger .44 Mag carbine……… and the cases coming out of either are hot enought to “weld” to exposed skin oun you forearm if you are a by-stander!

My father received his M1 Carbine, aboard ship, prior to land of the beaches of North Africa in the second week of May 1942. However even a .25 ACP kills.

Their web address is http://boolits.gunloads.com. Also , the M1 was issued to ROK troops in the `50`s, and to ARVN troops in the `60`s. The .30 carbine was designed to be more efficient than any handgun and not as heavy as the U.S. M1 Garand. The only one I was aware of is Mitchell’s Mauser’s. Perfect or not, the carbine saw use in every theater of operation in the hands of every unit, as well as in our allies’ hands, and was issued to German police after WWII. So he sat down on the Running Board of a M3 Halftrack, and thought for a while. When you are in fear of your life, there is no such thing as “overpowered” in a cartridge.

Do you know what year your weapon was built, or perhaps the serial #? I also have a .30 carbine Ruger Blackhawk that makes a great companion for the lit M1. And to make it much better, the parts to make it a M2. We also made fully automatic carbines, known as the M2 and M3. I bought a Universal M-1 in 1967 and had it until this past year when I sold it to buy an AR-15.

The Universal did have one annoying habit in that the last round in the mag would self ‘eject’ after the 2nd to last round was ejected but that seems to have been a magzine problem. He had purchased it a few years ago; fired one 15 round magazine through it and then put it in storage.

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