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According to Amazon seller forums, numerous Reddit forums, and countless other sites, Amazon FBA does not do well on this test, nor do they appear to be getting better. That way, you can make sure everything runs properly. You can’t ship in a box with your brand or even a neutral box.

The Complete Guide! Copyright 2020 Red Stag Fulfillment. Sellers report spending hours on the phone and exchanging multiple emails with customer service.

Amazon FBA sometimes falls short in this crucial metric. Try free for 14 days, no credit card needed. You won’t find services like these, which require personal attention and expanded capabilities, at Fulfillment by Amazon. However, in 2019 Amazon lost another lawsuit filed by the State of South Carolina over sales taxes. The only criteria are items should be weird, crazy or unique, or, as the description says, ‘Anything that you think would make a reasonable person go “WTF?”, really’. The inventory that’s on the shelves and logged into the system is the inventory your 3PL warehouse can pick, pack and ship to your customers.

... People say to themselves: ‘It’s so easy, all I have to do is ship my items into Amazon FBA and they will take care of the rest’.

But what if the item in the California warehouse is actually a knockoff another merchant is selling under the same SKU? There’s also a weekly Q&A thread where you can ask your ‘simple questions’, giving you an opportunity to get your feet wet without being scolded for not knowing basic answers. The question you should ask yourself is whether you trust Amazon to do a good job giving your customers the personal attention and respect that you want to reflect on your business. This sub with the capital ‘E’ has over half a million subscribers and more than a thousand active Redditors when you visit, with a carousel of the month’s hottest posts at the top. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you want control over every aspect of your business. This is the inventory your 3PL warehouse can pick, pack and ship to your customers.

The most obvious place where Amazon places its stamp on your business is on the box.

In California, a business owner filed a lawsuit against Amazon for failing to collect taxes on sales by Marketplace sellers. It’s a subreddit designed around discussions on all things involved with selling on Amazon, whether you’re there to gripe about a bad experience, ask for advice or want to learn from others who are either totally different or really similar to you. In the name of efficiency, Amazon ships a Rise ‘N Shine coffeemaker from its California fulfillment center to Zelda in Eugene, but Bob in Florida gets credit for the sale. Amazon FBA Inventory Woes. You don’t have the option to include a personal note from you to your customer or to ship in a box with your brand or even a neutral box. When he ships an order to a customer in Florida, he must add sales tax and remit that tax to the state. Daily Insights, Trends and Solutions for Professionals, Experts, Students and Society, Amazon FBA article provided by Jake Rheude at https://redstagfulfillment.com/.

Tracking inventory is one of the worst pieces to FBA. The mod also posts links to interesting articles designed to get you thinking about concepts you normally wouldn’t, giving you a well-rounded FBA education with a from-the-heart approach. Copyright © 2020 RepricerExpress. In the meantime, once again, you aren’t generating sales. As more business moves from brick and mortar retail to ecommerce, states have been scrambling for ways to make up for lost sales tax revenue. The employees are unpaid while waiting. It saves on shipping time and costs, which is good for Bob and his customer.

It can take time and frustrating back and forth with customer service before your correct inventory numbers show up in the system. While Amazon FBA does offer multi-channel fulfillment, orders from your website and other platforms will still be sent in Amazon boxes. The test of any vendor is not when things go smoothly but how well they handle the glitches that inevitably occur.

What is Amazon FBA? All Rights Reserved, 10 Best Dropshipping Plugins for WordPress, 10 Best Amazon Keyword Tools for FBA Sellers in 2020, Awesome Amazon Black Friday Selling Tips from FBA Sellers. Want regular pro selling tips and news from leading Amazon experts?

One seller testified to the House Committee on Small Business about the consequences of Amazon moving his company’s goods to different FBA warehouses. These laws require eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon to collect sales tax on all sales on their platform, even those by third-party sellers. The bad rating from this incident will go to Bob, whose seller reputation may be damaged, even though he didn’t market substandard goods under false pretenses.

Just make sure to check if your question has been answered before posting, as the popularity of the thread and subreddit means the questions and answers pile up quickly.

When he ships an order to a customer in Florida, he must add sales tax and remit that tax to the state. Amazon has some Rise ‘N Shine coffeemakers with the same SKU in a warehouse in Northern California. Fulfillment center employees also searched for theft after their shift every day. While FBA sellers weren’t held directly liable for this failure, thousands of FBA sellers were severely impacted when Amazon enforced last minute changes to their inventory storage policy just before the holidays. Sales tax nexus means a physical presence in a state such that you must pay sales taxes in that state. Amazon Seller Horror Stories – What to look out for when selling on Amazon! If you sell on Amazon and want to outsource your fulfillment, here are 7 pitfalls to consider before you choose FBA over an independent 3PL provider. RepricerExpress takes a look at some of the top subreddits you can visit and what you can expect to find in them. Amazon has fulfillment warehouses in at least half the states in the US. Learn how your comment data is processed. Last but not least, add /r/AmazonSeller to your bookmarks. And one Pennsylvania seller got a sales tax bill of $1.6 million from California.

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