armor of thorns 5e

So while you have a point about what check you’d make to avoid being taken, I chose the grappling attempt followed by con save for the reason that a dex based player can chose to use their acrobatics instead of athletics, this lets the player decide in what way they are avoiding the vines. Yes I do. I know you mean for the HP transfer only once, but I see no harm in having a whip at will. You create a rain of stones that deal damage to creatures and objects they strike. Conjuration (Creation) A wall of thorns spell creates a barrier of very tough, pliable, tangled brush bearing needle-sharp thorns as long as a human’s finger. All in all, I really like the idea! I’d love to hear how it goes and what your players think of it! Make a ranged attack roll (not ranged touch) against every creature and relevant object within the spell’s area. Cursed: The armor cannot be removed without the use of a dispel curse or wish spell. WIZARDS OF THE COAST, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, AND THEIR LOGOS ARE TRADEMARKS OF WIZARDS OF THE COAST LLC IN THE UNITED STATES AND OTHER COUNTRIES. I used this in my first campaign and my players seemed to like it. The wearer may use this ability once per long rest. It’s speed is 20ft and it’s AC is 10. Please read the rules before posting. Please feel free to message me if you do use it. In its non-bonded form, it is a mass of black-green vines that move together in a writhing motion. I suppose I should make a cap as to how much temp hp can be gained in this way, but I did also mention that it can only be used on humanoids, so dragons aren’t on the table lol. Do you like using your imagination? Do you like D&D? Choose one among the subsequent damage types: acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder. For the very next time, you are doing hit a creature by using the ranged weapon attack before this spell ends, of course, this spell creates some rain of thorns which may be a sprout from your ranged weapon alternatively the ammunition. I’ll fix that, thank you for pointing that out! Material Component: a bit of jade worth a minimum of 5 GP. As for the punishment for not feeding the Armor: To keep with the themes of vampirism (not the monster, the draining of another's life force to sustain your own), you might want to consider changing the way the Armor punishes you for starving it. Continuing on the whip attack, I would suggest that the user be able to do this whenever they want, and tie the temp HP gain to the damage dealt by the attack. This ensures that a PC won't be able to be walking around with something like 60 temporary hit points and essentially be immortal for a couple of turns while the bad guys whittle away at their new massive amount of temp hp. I’ve got a jungle session coming up, and this is perfect. It require quite a bit per day as written and when humans donate in real life they have to wait a month before they can donate again. Dungeons and Dragons (D&D, DnD) Fifth Edition (5e) spells. The target's? In addition to the normal effect of the attack, the target of the attack and each creature within … A humanoid may chose to willingly accept the armor and forgo a constitution save. Instead they … The wall appears within range on a solid surface and lasts for the duration. Welcome to /r/DnDHomebrew! This is less debilitating to a character than an AC reduction and would feel less harsh from the player's end. Is it the user's maximum hit points? Armor of Thorns is a symbiotic organism that binds to a host for survival. The wearer also loses 2 maximum hit points as two thorns pierce the wearer’s skin at the back of the neck. While wearing this armor, you gain a +1 bonus to AC, and when a creature within 5 feet of you hits you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction to deal 2d4 force damage to them, as magical purple spikes pulse from the metal ones.

A list of all the spells, spell index, … (God help them if the PC just used that whip to kill a dragon or something.). By all means. Permission to "borrow?". For this reason, adventurers have access to a variety of armor types, ranging from leather armor to chain mail to costly plate armor, with several other kinds of armor in between. The armor must be fed one pint of humanoid blood every 24 hours or the wearer takes 1d4 damage and their AC drops by 2. When not bonded to a humanoid creature, Armor of Thorns will make a grappling attempt on the nearest humanoid (strength equals +3). or are they have to take it over the AC? Armor (light or medium armor), uncommon This armor is decorated with small, metal spikes. One note: With how the name and the description both mention thorns, I'd expect some sort of thorn-based effect. [5e] Is a viable “Porcupine” or “Thorns” build possible? Are they nimbly dodging out of the way of the vines as they grasp at the victim? While in contact with armor, bonded or not, the humanoid will hear the armor communicate telepathically, urging them to accept the armor if they haven’t, or offering tips if the survival of the bonded pair are in question. I’ve been thinking of making a character that doesn’t attack to deal the majority of their damage. I had intended on the whip being at will because it’s only a d4. When you say "temporary armor", do you mean temporary hp? It’ll work well with my lower level party, add some interesting banter, and might even lead to questions of who or what made this sentient(ish) armor. Armor of Thorns (Sentient Armor 5e) 5e Workshop. You could even give a player the option to feed the Armor willingly to avoid the max HP decrease if you were feeling generous. Roll initiative and have fun. The hp drain is based off the target’s max hp. I’ll try to answer your questions in order. © 2016 WIZARDS. Your bonus for this attack roll is adequate to your caster level plus your relevant ability modifier (Intelligence for wizards or Charisma for sorcerers). I think the quantity of times you can use the wip should be determined by the roll of a d4 that you should be able to reroll at a long rests (you get from 1 to four attacks every long rest, all the ones that are not expended are lost).

A successful hit deals 1d4 points of harm per caster level, to a maximum of 5d4. Once bonded, the wearer sheds any armor that may have been worn previously and gains a new AC of 12 plus the wearer’s dexterity modifier. A living orginism in a symbiotic relationship, and as a living entity, I would say that the critter wouldn't share all this information via identify! In fact, I think I can make a great use of it for the session I'll be running! The next time you hit a creature with a ranged weapon attack before the spell ends, this spell creates a rain of thorns that sprouts from your ranged weapon or ammunition. elemental weapon 5e. DNDSPELLSLIST.COM MAY USE THE TRADEMARKS AND OTHER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF WIZARDS OF THE COAST LLC, WHICH IS PERMITTED UNDER WIZARDS' FAN SITE POLICY. I’m interested in the reflavoring of a cantrip and I’d love to hear how you’d model it. I'm thinking of using it myself!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT WIZARDS OF THE COAST OR ANY OF WIZARDS' TRADEMARKS OR OTHER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, PLEASE VISIT THEIR WEBSITE AT (WWW.WIZARDS.COM). The wearer’s AC returns to normal after providing the armor with more blood. That’s not a bad idea, maybe it should deal damage similar the that spiked skin feat for tieflings. I’d say that a player could willingly feed it their own blood, but only once a week or something. I’m curious what you guys think. Something that might fit this theme better would be dealing necrotic damage that reduces the user's max HP every time they take it. After doing so, the Armor takes on a slight reddish hue. Are they desperately shoving it back as it attempts to forcibly bind itself to them? Though I suppose that can be argued as a wis save now that I think about it.

Cheers for the awesome idea! Maybe like the punishment when a shade strikes you, (lowering the max hp until you long rest) but the max hp stays lowered until the armor is fed.

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