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We welcome Aquarius season and all its charming idiosyncrasies with a new moon that focuses on looking inward and setting intentions.

It asks us to consider how the decisions we make contribute to our stability. The upper left corner is the number of the day for the month. Avoid getting caught up in idle gossip, however. The KhaldeaCalendar 2020 is an exquisite fusion of art, symbolism and digital technology. As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries is the spark that lights the fire for the rest of the year. This full moon in feisty Leo adds an uplifting jolt of energy into the winter sky. 8. An Aries moon always brings a sense of excitement and energy. Appropriately, Virgo season corresponds with back-to-school time. 6. Lastly, if you’re confronted with past flames, this is a test: It’s time to let them go. 5. Simply put, how can you be CEO of your own life? (And if you need a planner to help keep track, we’ve got the perfect astrological calendar for you!). The influence of sensual Scorpio makes this retrograde the classic “don’t text your ex” warning. 22SharesTimes and Dates for the 2020 Moon Phases Calendar are set for New York. The future is yours! As the baby of the zodiac, Aries energy is fresh, bright, and raring to go. There may be a sense of unrest, but we can harness that unconventional Aquariusenergy to guide us to new solutions.

Waning aspects have been changed from dark red to blue. Your donation will help the continuing work of CyberWorld Khaldea. Things are about to move fast as Aries season moves underway. Just be sure to read the fine print and look at the details before you pull the trigger on anything. Eclipses can be erratic, but they get the job done. It can use any aspect set (within constrains of space), or show no aspects; show phases, or no phases; any holiday or event can be displayed.

Summer has a way of inspiring a sense of wanderlust, and this full moon in adventurous Sagittarius is bringing that big time. The digital Khaldea Astrological Calendar has been repackaged for version 2 — it now includes art, verse and an ephemeris upgrade. Saturn is the planet associated with karmic debts, so if there is any unfinished business out there, now is the time to resolve it. This intense energy can bring up some impatience and frustration when things don’t move fast enough, so remember to take a time out now and then. Embrace this period of rest. Read Me: Mercury Retrograde Dates 2020: February, June, & October. While we usually howl at the moon, tonight you want to roar. Uranus retrograde can feel chaotic (especially for those who thrive by sticking to a plan), but ultimately it teaches us to question what we want. Matters at home may be frustrating now, especially if you’re trying to buy a home or rent a new apartment.

Cancer is the most nurturing sign in the zodiac—connected with family and home life. Social butterfly Gemini kicks off its season with a flurry of energy and activity. Conversations with intimate partners need extra care right now.

Discover more about the KhaldeaCalendar, it's history and development. 2020 Astrology E-Calendar - 118 pages - $30.

This area of the screen will tell you if the moon is in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th phase, or if it is a New or Full moon.

This water sign is deeply empathetic, showing us how to heal ourselves and others (just make sure to protect your own energy; keep your boundaries).

Uranus retrograde pushes us out of our comfort zones. By releasing the past, we can march boldly into the future. You might feel like you have powers of communication right now, especially when it comes to sharing ideas and philosophies. Waning aspects are now indicated by blue glyphs, replacing dark red. If there are areas of your life that don’t seem fair or equitable, those things will come to light during this time. Celebrations take many forms and getting yourself organized for a new season can be invigorating.
This is the season of the superstar! The sign of the scales, Libra is all about balance.

Just click on a icon to expand or contract an "accordion panel." Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and money. Learn from them to avoid making the same mistakes again. We’re in the depths of fall now, where we can visualize the transformation of life and death in nature. After all the intense energy that comes with emotional Cancer and unpredictable eclipses, this new moon in Cancer is a time to settle into the feels.
Taurus is an exceptionally sensual sign, concerned with pleasant taste, touch, and scent. New moons are generally time to set intentions, but with an eclipse going on, it’s much better to sit back and let the universe do its thing. As we kick off Cancer season, it’s important to take time to work on balance and self-care. 4. When guided by this natural cycle, our projects and endeavors — be they long-term or short-term, acted out by an individual or by a group — are more successful and rewarding. The lower right corner indicates the house that the moon is infor the individual that the calendar was created for. We have to change our attitudes ourselves, but Lunation Planning can help us attune ourselves to a more relaxed, natural and harmonious pulse of living, which in turn may lead to a gradual change of attitude toward ourselves and toward the world. Emotions can run high when this water sign is in control, so be prepared to shed some tears and ride the waves of feelings.

As this moon is in Aquarius, it’s a great time to ask how we can give back. Lunation Planning is available a Amazon Worldwide. Because Scorpio season is all about looking at the dark side and challenging our inner worlds, tonight is the perfect culmination of that work.

Chinese Calendar 2020 According to Chinese calendar, from January 25, 2020 … Even a few dollars will help, and we make it safe and easy for you to contribute what you can online. Javascript is required. © Copyright 2019 - Horoscope.com, Inc. - All rights reserved. Capricorn season tends to inspire a hard charging and singular view of success, but a Cancer full moon reminds us to be present with our feelings and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Thanks for helping make the KhaldeaCalendar possible.

The symbols used in the extended astro-data section will be improved for the next annual edition. Visit this page for news, updates and tips regarding the Khaldea Astrological Calendar.

During dreamy Pisces season, we’re encouraged to go deep and hone our intuition. It’s about action, power, and taking that leap. The Key to Symbols lists the glyphs, symbols and colors used in the calendar and ephemeris. Aquarius energy is all about thinking big—like, outer space big. We experience awakened sensuality—with a desire to touch, see, taste, and feel everything. Whereas some planetary retrogrades can make life difficult (looking at you, Mercury), Jupiter retrograde is a good time to reach out and see what you can learn from your community. 1.

Libra is also ruled by Venus, planet of beauty, so take in some art or culture for an extra dose of inspiration. 118 Page Yearly transit Calendar + Helical rising times.

Each calendar includes moon events, lunar void of course dates, planetary ingress, direction changes and more. Avoid making any big tech purchases for now. During this season, you might want to think about assuming a leadership role and sharing your talents with others. Libra season, represented by the scales, is the month to find a sense of balance. 2020 Astrology Dates & Predictions When it comes to astrology aspects, it’s important to know what dates are coming up. Issues regarding our shadow selves tend to come to the forefront under the influence of Scorpio, and the light of the full moon means there’s nowhere to hide. If you’re feeling like your world has become too constricted, the solution might be found through science or technology. As the planet of dreams and intuition, Neptune controls our psychic selves. The struggle is definitely real, but we emerge stronger and more powerful. Leo season is about the self, ego, and learning to take main stage in our lives.

The links to the left open the calendars in new windows using PDF software. Mercury begins this retrograde in Pisces, so communicating your thoughts and emotions might be exceptionally difficult during this time. Solar ingress are no longer highlighted.

During this lunation, your goals seems a little more magical and inspired, and even your wildest dreams seem to have a roadmap. Months of the year are now navigated via interactive tabs, and the entire year is wrapped in a single web page. In the normally empty boxes near the top or bottom of each calendar, you find additional important information. Shining a light on our demons and taking them out to play is what Halloween is about after all! New and Full moons are also designated by a light blue outline.

When it comes to astrology aspects, it’s important to know what dates are coming up. If you find the Khaldea, Discover Khaldea Publications. During Cancer season, we decompress from the whirlwind of the last month by retreating to our personal shelter. Mercury ends this retrograde period in Aquarius, which deals with technology and science.

NOTE: In this version, the Calendar panel is always open and cannot be contracted. Worldly Sagittarius a sign that has an intense desire to grow and learn.

The fall equinox represents the day we begin to shift focus from embracing our gifts and talents to thinking about how we can use them to benefit ourselves.

Full Moons & New Moons in 2020, Calendar of Full Moons and New Moons 2020 - 2021 - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. The summer solstice is a day when feminine and masculine energies are perfectly balanced, which gives us access to the full spectrum of our power. This portion can be ignored.

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