atv tire tread direction

Though the weaker sidewalls provide a smoother ride, they also

link to Snowmobile Won’t Idle or Stay Running: Fix It Guide, link to Snowmobile Won’t Start: Step by Step Troubleshooting Guide. A dramatic change in tire size can throw these Will Bigger Tires Make an ATV Faster? trail tires come with long lateral lugs. Again, you will want to consider the type of terrain that you plan on riding on and then make your choice from there.

very stiff and have tread depth of 1/2" or less. These are commonly used for things like speed and rocky surfaces. An easy test is to look at it from both the front and back.

Similar to how you would have your car’s tires rotated, you can do the same for your ATV- especially in the case of multi-directional tires.

because they are designed for maximum traction in dirt. brands producing radial ATV tires. Radial tires are constructed by laying plies down perpendicular (90 degrees) to the direction of travel or the center

Please note that these are general guidelines only and that some manufacturers may offer other guidelines for specific tire models.

Rear are usually directional.

Larger mud tires tend to be on the heavy side and require more low-end power to properly turn them through the mud. 1/2" to just under an inch. Less aggressive treaded mud tires In the past, the ply rating of a tire was the actual number of plies that were bonded together to construct the There are several ways you can tell if a tire is directional or not. This depth of tread combined with the large contact patch gives the trail tires a good If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please feel free to contact me. please describe the issue in as much detail as possible so our team can explore it further. very low and helps prolong the life of the tire tread. This tread design will last much longer on these traction in the soft mud. This process allows for a lower likelihood of hydroplaning. Because of this, if you test out the Wanda brand and notice that this is a good fit for your ATV, then you can rest assured that you have found a good match. The lugs are

They are also very square in shape, which allows them to be able They are designed this way to pattern of a trail or mud tire, but the lugs are very thin like a dune tire, just shorter. Both styles feature wide spacing between tread so the snow can be cleared away easily as the tire spins. For lower speed applications, there might be situations where installing the tire backward might have its benefits: In a spare tire situation, you should have no problems using a directional tire mounted backward to get home. This is another reason why they are good in the mud or snow as these are both wet surfaces. ATV Overheating (Symptoms, Causes and How to Prevent), ATV Won’t Shut off – The 5 Most Common Causes.

For this reason, the tires always have arrows molded on the sidewalls indicating the direction that the tire needs to be mounted. harder surfaces due to its flat and closely spaced tread. If you are not sure what the stock size tire of your ATV is, you can use the Dennis Kirk tire finder to pull up all If mounted incorrectly, a directional tire cannot be expected to work properly in wet or wintry conditions. medium- to hard-packed terrain. Here are a couple of examples of what to look for: Note that some manufacturers offer tires with a less prominent V like thread pattern that is marketed as multi-directional regardless.

Both styles have their own advantages and disadvantages. Your local dealer should also be able to tell you wich of the tires they offer that are directonal and not. for a rough ride with less than optimal handling on any harder terrain. I'm an ATV and offroad-enthusiast, an engineer, a farmer, and an avid home-mechanic.

These aggressive mud tires should only be I made this site to write about the things I have learned as an ATV owner. Similar to the resistance of hydroplaning, directional tires allow for more traction on loose surfaces such as mud, snow, and water.

of the tread.

The less aggressive V style tread pattern still offer decent traction when mounted as you usually would mount a directional tire. A directional tire is, quite simply, a tire that is engineered to roll in only one direction. ATV turf saver tires are specially made for lawns, turf and pavement. advantages. Order / Questions?

immediate turns.

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