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The Medical Facility is being used as a makeshift hospital for the injured Arkham staff. The asylum founder Amadeus Arkham's spirit haunts the mansion (however it turns out to be Sharp who believes Amadeus's spirit chose him to continue his work in cleansing the city), with the cell in which he inscribed his name in the floor also present. [8] Enemies react to Batman's elimination of their allies, which raises their fear level and alters their behavior; for example, they will adopt new patrol routes, requiring the player to adapt to the changing situation.

Due to Joker's taunts to his henchmen, it's possible that around this time in the Arkhamverse, many people wrongly concluded that Batman could be a vampire, since he was never seen at day time. Unlike the Riddler, who is obsessed with proving his superiority over Batman, Mr. Can only be used once per encounter, and creates interference in the area so that future Sonic Batarangs will not function there.

[8][9][14][2] Reviewers generally agreed that the fights were anti-climactic to their build-up spectacle. Terms of Service [43] By the time Dini joined the project, Rocksteady were investigating the idea of setting the game within Arkham, and had produced preliminary designs depicting it as a huge estate on an island connected to mainland Gotham City by a bridge. [182][183] A third installment of the Arkham series (not developed by Rocksteady), Batman: Arkham Origins, was released in October 2013, featuring a story set before the events of Arkham Asylum. Scarecrow injects an immense amount of toxins into him (enough to drive ten men insane), but when Batman still emerges triumphant, Scarecrow is shocked and flees into Croc's lair. Quinn accidentally reveals that Joker has a Titan production facility in the Arkham botanical gardens. [95] Miller called it the right mix of creepy and cool, and appreciated the gradual damage reflected on Batman's suit as the story progressed, but said that pixelated CGI and lip synching issues diminished the presentation. Batman then defeats five gun-wielding Blackgate prisoners who are holding Dr. Sarah Cassidy and three other doctors hostage. Joker whips out a gun filled with Titan darts and takes a shot at Gordon, but Batman dives in the way and begins to mutate. [8][9][2] The design of stealth and the wide variety of methods available to disable enemy opponents were praised. Game Informer published the first full reveal of the game and its title, Arkham City, in August 2010. With that she summons a colossal Titan plant through the floor and bonds with it to fight Batman.

After emerging from the gas unharmed once more, he finds Zsasz holding Young hostage in Warden Sharp's office with a knife. [27][28] The Riddler (Wally Wingert) does not physically appear in the game, but communicates with Batman and challenges him to solve riddles placed around the island. The game is based on the 70-year-old Batman series as a whole rather than being tied to any particular adaptation. [113][114] It was also nominated for Best Sound Editing: Computer Entertainment for the 2010 Golden Reel Awards. The game received critical acclaim, being the most sold game in June 23, 2015. He proceeds back to the Sanatorium, pausing only briefly to halt a violent inmate armed with knives. Sonic Shock Batarang - Attracts and disables a nearby enemy. [52], The developers intended to use other Batman characters in the game, but these were removed when it was decided they would not work within the story. Batman follows Harley to a large room with an electrified floor, which she uses to try to kill him.

Rocksteady originally developed the game's combat as a full rhythm action game. | Batman: Arkham Asylum is a video game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows, and is based on DC Comics' Batman.It is developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Eidos Interactive in conjunction with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics.It is based on the long-running comic book mythos, as opposed to most other Batman games which are adaptations …

After seeing character models of the Joker's Arkham Asylum appearance, Hamill decided to portray the character as dark and gritty while retaining a clownish and playful nature. [147] Giant Bomb named it the 2009 Best Multiplatform Game,[148] GamesRadar labeled it their Game of the Year ahead of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves,[149] and Eurogamer listed it on their "Games of 2009" series. It is also the first game of the Batman: Arkham franchise. The Insane Night pack, containing the "Totally Insane" combat and "Nocturnal Hunter" stealth challenge maps, was released on September 17, 2009. [173] In 2019, The Guardian placed the game 34th on its list of the 50 best videogames of the 21st century. Batman Arkham City uses the same overall game design as Batman: Arkham Asylum, though Arkham City is a noticeably larger area, and uses the sandbox game design. Combining the three main abilities can keep Batman attacking while moving between enemies and avoiding being attacked himself. Some enemies are armed with guns which significantly damage Batman. [8][9][14] The final boss fight with the Joker was singled out for vapid gameplay,[9][2] a battle with Killer Croc was labeled boring and overly long, and the reviewers said these should not have been in the game. [91] The game held the Guinness World Record for "Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever" based on an average Metacritic score of 91.67,[101] until it was succeeded by Arkham City. Afterward, he goes to a secret Batcave installation he had hidden on the island, where he restocks his gadgets. [35] The Joker threatens to detonate bombs hidden around Gotham City if anyone tries to enter Arkham, forcing Batman to work alone. He tracks a trail of her fingerprints to the mansion's library, where she hid the notes from the Joker. One of Batman's new tools is Explosive Gel that you can apply to weak walls, highlighted in Detective Mode, so that they crash down, making a way for you to escape or knocking out the person on the other side. [27] The shape-shifting Clayface appears in cameo, taking on the guise of other characters as he tries to trick the player into releasing him.

It runs on Epic Games Unreal Engine 3.

Batman can freely move around the Arkham Asylum facility, interacting with characters and undertaking missions, and unlocking new areas by progressing through the main story or obtaining new equipment.

However, he manages to defeat her and the zombified guards, and Ivy and the plants sink back into the undergrowth. [158][159] At The Escapist Awards the game was awarded as Game of the Year and it was nominated as Best Action-Adventure Game. Inside the Center, Batman is weakened when the Joker detonates a bomb on the other side of a thin glass window. The game received several re-releases, including a Game of the Year edition in March 2010, a Mac OS X version in November 2011, and a remastered version for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in October 2016. After another brief confrontation with more convicts, the Joker deactivates a security gate, allowing Batman to follow after him despite Commissioner Gordon's observation that it was most likely a trap. Most of the game's leading characters are voiced by actors who have appeared in other media based on the DC Animated Universe; Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, and Arleen Sorkin reprised their roles as Batman, the Joker, and his sidekick Harley Quinn respectively. Arkham City was later released on October 21, 2011 for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Upgrades to some of the gadgets can be bought with XP: Detective Mode is essential to defeat of most gun-wielding enemies, who appear in red.

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