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The Public Utilities Commission has approved SCE, and other major California utilities, to make a shift in the Time of Use (TOU) rate plans starting March of 2019. Since solar has boomed and has become a large source of energy on the grid, SCE has shifted their higher charges to the times where solar wanes and non-renewable forms of energy become the main source of power for the grid. SCE Peak Hours. Sending a letter with your account information to SCE stating your intention to remain on your current tiered rate structure. Battery charging by solar will cost $1.06/day. 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit Coming To an End! And the power that you sell to them in the middle of the day will now only be worth $0.22 per watt. I would say there really isn’t any difference between the two except for the source of energy charging the battery. What is the monthly energy cost savings from power arbitrage using energy storage? How long until return on investment (ROI) reaches breakeven? By Todd Pistorese, CEO, Intelligent Design Solar, This is a complementary article to the previously published Case study: When solar+storage operating in time-of-use arbitrage mode beats the economics of standalone solar by Adam Gerza, COO of Energy Toolbase. We never go out of Tier 1.

The simple ROI occurs in 14 years. To determine what size energy storage system a customer can most benefit from, we first look at the TOU rates offered by the utility. Those that already have solar are automatically grandfathered into their original rate structure whether it be their original TOU (5 years) or Tiered billing (20 years). Visit intelligentdesignsolar.com for more information. View the time periods for each TOU rate options.

Would love to see an article on which SCE Net Energy Metering program to pick with powerwall + solar installations.

Our customer has an insignificant ($4.26/month) financial benefit from moving to a TOU rate structure, without investing in energy storage or changing usage patterns. The change will affect the times in which SCE considers On-Peak and Off-Peak. Evans says.“If you don’t want solar and SCE switches you … Right now, Monday through Friday 2-8 PM are SCE’s peak hours. Additional ongoing analysis can help ensure benefits are being achieved and provide useful information on appliance health. Domestic (Default) TOU-D (A) TOU-D (B) TOU-D-T. Rate plans are complicated, and they tend to change every few months. Solar policy differs across state lines and regions.

Specifically, On-peak hours will shift for customers to a later time in the day meaning electricity will cost more in the evening (4 pm – 9 pm) and less in the day/early afternoon. Power arbitrage benefits utility operations.

About Intelligent Design Solar To learn more about SCE’s new rate structure or for questions, call Hot Purple Energy (760) 322-4433 to speak to a representative. Any export above daytime load requirement will be paid at a slightly reduced rate to the stated TOU daytime rate but is a positive benefit in reducing the customer’s electric bill.

That means solar customers will be charged more for energy at that time and will be credited less when the panels are at peak performance. TOU cost with Tesla Powerwall battery and power arbitrage. Solar customers generate energy, sell it to the utility, and make the highest amount of money that the utility offers. Under TOU rate plans, rates will vary depending on the time of day. They will begin by forcing all new solar customers into the new rate schedule with the rest of their customer base following suit in 2020.

While the Tesla battery is a stand-alone storage solution, we’re evaluating it here as an addition to a new solar system. If you cannot install solar, TOU-DR-P will be the cheaper plan provided you can limit your use of power on high use days. New Solar customers after March 1st of 2019 however, will be forced into the new Time-Of-Use rate plans meaning they will likely have to buy a battery to go with their solar system to offset “on peak” costs during the evening when the sun goes down and their solar production tapers off. To compare TOU current residential rates and new rates, go to – Time-Of-Use-Residential-Rate-Plans.

For non-solar SCE customers, who already pay more for their energy, the numbers bear out a little differently. When your solar panels overproduce, they also buy that power at a higher rate. While the new rate structure may extend the ROI period slightly, it will still provide an attractive investment to potential solar customers. TOU-D-5-8PM: Even higher on-peak rate of $0.47 from 5-8 PM on weekdays, but peak time is only 3 hours.

This article discusses the potential benefits for homeowners wanting to install grid-interactive solar-plus-storage operating under Southern California Edison’s new time-of-use (TOU) rates. They will begin by forcing all new solar customers into the new rate schedule with the rest of … Power arbitrage is accomplished by charging a battery at the lowest TOU rate, or from solar, and discharging the battery at a higher on-peak TOU rate period for an effective reduction in peak-hour energy costs. Let’s assume our customer has the average load profile we found on the SCE website. So how do you decide which rate plan is best for you? How much energy is used between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. measured in kWh? We analyze whether choosing to store and shift energy (using a Tesla Powerwall 2 Li-ion battery) under a TOU rate plan provides any economic benefit.

The equation is: Daily discharge rate multiplied by cost per kWh gives us our daily power cost from batteries.

In 12 months, our customer with solar-plus-storage will have saved $430.56. Now is the time to put a high efficiency SunPower system on your house and be grandfathered into the current rate structure for 5 years. On Peak is between 4-9pm 4-9pm is when my wife and I use most of the electricity. [SCE will] deduct the energy you export to the grid at times when generation exceeds on-site demand from your bill, and you may even earn surplus credits for the energy you produce.”. Each Tesla battery has a capacity of 13.2 kWh, so, barring available solar generation, it will cost $1.72/day to fully recharge at off-peak TOU rates. Copyright © 2020 WTWH Media, LLC. The customer will have to decide whether they can expect useful life beyond the battery warranty and I would strongly suggest they get clarification from Tesla on their interpretation of the Warranty conditions. The analysis provided here is just one example of how IDS technology is being used.

Choosing your plan before SCE notification If you choose to opt-out of TOU before you receive your SCE notice (and you have that right), you can notify them of your decision by: 1. Detailed load analysis will make decisions regarding energy storage and solar system sizing a straightforward economic analysis, rather than a guessing game. Knowing how you use electricity will help you identify additional ways to save money on your electric rates. SCE Rate Main features; TOU-D-4-9PM: On-peak rate of $0.37 from 4-9 PM on weekdays. SCE For Time of Use 2018 or SCE Time of Use rate comparisons, see Southern California Edison’s website. Assuming $0.08/kWh payment for exported energy, this solution would average on a monthly basis: This analysis based on the SCE average residential load profile shows that power arbitrage using energy storage is not economical without financial subsidies beyond the federal ITC anticipated here. (Mid-day and nighttime covered by TOU rate; evening hours covered by battery rate.). The assumptions made on the Tesla Powerwall Warranty battery life are not accurate. Also, watch this video on Time of Use. We calculate our customer’s installed solar prior to batteries has a 25-year net present value (NPV) cost of $0.08/kWh of installed capacity. When your solar panels overproduce, they also buy that power at a higher rate. One Tesla Powerwall, at 13.2 kWh capacity, will cover evening use by discharging 82.7% of its stored energy. The customer can further improve their economics by changing their load profile (energy use patterns). After March 1st, Edison will move new solar customers to a Time of Use Plan and change its peak period to 4 PM to 9 PM. In addition, SCE’s shift in TOU will cause majority of Solar’s overproduction to be discounted. Net Metering – As explained on SCE’s web site: “The energy you produce, minus the energy you consume, equals net energy. For example, under the current rate structure, most solar production occurs during “on-peak” times with SCE and therefore overproduction is credited at the “on peak” rate of $0.37 per kWh (TOU-D-B). Southern California Edison P.O. Bookmark, share and interact with the leading solar construction magazine today. Because of that, I chose not to change to TOU and kept the Tier plan.

The CutMyBill website allows you to cut your SCE payment by finding out if there is a cheaper electric rate plan than what you are on and how much can be saved by swapping to it. Daytime usage: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. = 10.726 kWh, Nighttime usage: 9 p.m. – 8 a.m. = 10.726 kWh, Self-supply during daylight of 342 kWh at 8-cents/kWh, Directly offset 33.2% of customer daily energy needs, Offset 60% of customer energy costs or $1,539/year, Attain a positive ROI in less than 8 years. The Powerwall Limited Warranty (https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/powerwall/powerwall_2_ac_warranty_us.pdf) explicitly states that when operated solely in time based control mode the Powerwall can perform unlimited cycles and will have 70% energy retention at year 10. SCE's best TOU plan for people with EV is .15 off peak and .41 on peak. Since this recharge power is energy we would otherwise export, we need to include it in the cost of battery energy. Also shows your solar savings. Once charged, we’ll set the Tesla Powerwall clock to disconnect the customer from the utility at 4 p.m. and remain disconnected until 9 p.m. during which time we’ll operate our loads using battery-supplied power, assuming the batteries can handle peak demand. Click to see our monthly roundup of recent legislation and research throughout the country. SCE’s new rates are meant to incentivize customers to use less power between the hours of 4-9pm however the typical load profile shows many people use power during these hours because they’re post-work hours.

From this we get an average monthly bill of $177.90. Results will vary significantly based on the personal load profile and the daily load size. Right now, Monday through Friday 2-8 PM are SCE’s peak hours. Site Map | Privacy Policy | RSS, Global Solar Panel Manufacturing Locations, $0.326/kWh (cost per kWh from the batteries), https://www.solarpowerworldonline.com/2020/04/energy-storage-net-metering-an-illustration-of-why-its-so-valuable/, https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/powerwall/powerwall_2_ac_warranty_us.pdf, Webinar: Unlocking Insights from the 2020 Solar Technology Benchmark Survey – December 3, Manufacturers transition to minimal-flashing solar roof mounts, When the good outweighs profit: Solar companies go philanthropic, California uses fossil fuel dollars to fund solar for disadvantaged communities, Smart circuits hold the key to true whole-home backup, Three ways to close a residential energy storage sale, Everything we know about the newest U.S. solar panel manufacturer — Violet Power.

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