boat costs spreadsheet

An annual calendar that will update every year – cool! Why can't I edit some of the cells in the spreadsheet? The first is trailering your boat; the boat resides on its trailer between trips to the water. Boat insurance was not available if only 2 people were sailing a boat and health insurance was not available. A USCG licensed captain and former merchant mariner, Peter d'Anjou is now a freelance writer and editor. The bigger the boat, the more yard-dependent you will be. If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it! Simply add in your power consumers on board, and work out what size batteries you need and what other sources of charge required – solar/wind/generator etc. We send out promo codes to download the Boat Buying Dashboard to all new patrons after their first supported video. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for the insight and organization! Yamaha 275 SD Boat Test. Becoming a Sailing Soulianis Patron is a wicked cool thing to do. By purchasing this product you agree to join our mailing list. Know your basics. This spreadsheet isn’t quite finished yet, I need to add some more about power coming IN to the boat. Cost to Build Worksheet-Edmundson – Excel Spreadsheet. Once the plan is done you can send it off in an email to your loved ones or yacht club as a kind of Trip Report so if you don’t turn up when expected then the authorities will have a much better idea of where to start looking. cost for your boat: ) is likely to be performed once at the time of purchase and then updated about every 15 years. You do have choices about what spending level you end up with. No one will have all the same gear or stuff on board, so I fully expect the spreadsheets to evolve and change over time. Copyright 2006-2022 by Glen L Marine Designs. Our Boat Buyer’s Guide will help you get through the initial steps of buying a boat, but once you take ownership of your pride and joy some budgeting and financial planning is in order.

When I created a hypothetical 30-foot powerboat and plugged in anticipated operating expenses based on whether I was going to trailer, DIY, or keep the boat at a boatyard, I came up with some pretty significant cost differences. All super useful information to have close at hand when it comes to buying replacements. Boats. It gives you complete flexibility in adding additional payments and calculates how much is saved by avoiding paying so much interest. I have been searching for a resource like this and was so happy to stumble across your blog! What an inspiration!

The budget you allow for these depends massively on whether you plan to fix your boat yourself or use marine professionals and how complicated your boat is. Enjoy! Once the year is over you can add your totals to this template where you can store all your annual tallies from the annual spend spreadsheet. Ask your broker to send you a CSV export of the Soldboats.com data. It’s cool, I’m a sailor, I don’t mind waiting to get access until Patreon charges my credit card for my first supported video.

Send me your email address on Viki.moore@icloud.com , Thank you for sharing, very much appreciated, Pingback: Boat Insurance | Astrolabe Sailing. I’d love to hear comments from anyone who has suggestions on reducing operating costs. A place to record the inventory of the spares you carry on board, you can include the best place to purchase them from, contact details of the supplier, part numbers, price etc. What's interesting is that cost per use for a boat seems to be roughly 10% the purchase price. We can’t thank you enough!

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