coretec flooring problems

Q: Is it possible to polish COREtec luxury vinyl flooring?

Most contractors and flooring companies say if drenched in water the floor should be completely removed and dried out.

Are you still happy with it? I am now looking at glueing down this floor. I have the Red River Hickory COREtec Plus. Jennifer is a graduate of Texas A&M University. That’s how I make my decisions more on cons than pros. Hi Barb, AA You can take advantage of the type of flooring for any room in your home or even your office. My problem with the floor is I don’t have the shine as I did with wood floors.

So even on my light laminate floors, I could see my footprints. Manufactured click and lock is not idiot proof, but take the time and look at your seams prior to running the next course or you will create your own problems… you can’t just smack it into place after it is down. Trying to install the COREtec plus weathered concrete lvt. Thanks. I bought coretec plus XL 9″ x 6′ plank and a absolutely love it. It also has thicker planks at 8.5 mm and comes with realistic-looking four-side painted micro-beveled edges. We have the Coretec plus 7 inch wide planks. Don’t think I would install again because of the maintenance. We had a professional install for over 2000 sq ft of the Coretec Plus XL planks. (1) Thickness: This is the total thickness of the plank. The separations get full of sand and gravel and even a shop vac won’t get them out. Thanks.

It’s horrible. This is COREtec’s top of the line, about 20 options in 72” planks. Installed only months ago. And there are so many scratches already. While COREtec Plus is approved for home and commercial spaces with relatively light traffic, COREtec Pro Plus is the brand’s solution for heavy traffic commercial spaces. ugh:(. I vacuum it and mop it and the minute the dog walks on it or anyone else it shows everything! The Plus line is the original COREtec LVP/LVT. This means that it is compatible with moist spaces and underfloor heating. I spent over $1000 to have a 300 s/f area done and a year and a half later just couldn’t take it any more. I hate it. I called manufacturer and I was told to do this while using one or 2 tablespoons of cleaner with water. Pad: A 1.5mm underlayment pad is attached to all lines except COREtec One (no pad) and Plus Premium (3mm pad). The narrow planks are much easier. Will the people below be able to hear us walking in high heels?

We’ve gotten water in there from the stairwell door just once in 7 years (we live in PNW so downpours can be frequent), so we definitely want waterproof floors. Maybe when you bought them they were made properly and now the quality standards have gone down.

This product is crap.

We bought the CoreTec because of the the MIL wear layer but it didn’t help. So there are no cons?

I can mop my floor 3 times and you can wipe it with a wet white rag and it’s black.
This stuff is incredibly easy to scratch. Any comments appreciated.

Since COREtec is a floating floor, you can easily install them over your current hard surface flooring. Pro gen by tarkett did not easily dent, but we don’t like the look or color. Would not honor warranty meanwhile my floor is getting worse every day. After 6 months, I started seeing spots, worn areas where we do walk and now the floor is dull in places. That is exactly what I’m looking at. My laminate NEVER faded. This means they are appropriate to use in wet rooms, bathrooms, and basements (unlike real wood flooring). I am very happy with the purchase. The width of the plank torques and it is not an easy fit. You just saved me from making a very bad decision. We have a few scratches due to moving furniture and a refrigerator improperly, but they are hardly noticeable. A quick damp mop and done! We were told to use Armstrong Once ‘N Done for cleaning purposes with just one of those stick push pads like E-cloth or Norwex. Wow, about to install Cortec One. We live on a lake and only have one small dog under 10 lb and our floor is scratched everywhere. Used a reputable flooring company with Brazilian installers. Will Murphy’s Oil Soap, in a water solution, hurt Coretec floor finish? I appreciate your feedback! Using one will likely void the product warranty. Which one did you install? We just priced out some core tech plus today for 1450 sqft…. They have walked in tennis shoes, handled, pounded and hand wiped all over and I have yet to see any prints. You can clean it, and it looks good , just don’t walk on it . Like some of the others I spend a lot of time trying to make it look clean. Thanks for helping! No help from Shaw.

It is reasonable to assume that an entire floor of any manufacture would be removed in a flood situation like a sump pump failure.

And since they come with attached cork underlayment, you don’t even need to lay one first.

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