curly hair tarantula sling care

Pet curly hair tarantulas are legal to keep in most areas, though certain local laws and landlords might restrict them. It's best to sit on the floor when handling these animals in case they do get scared and try to flee. And then simply enjoy observing this interesting creature.

Just be sure to remove unwanted prey within 24 hours, or it actually can stress your spider. Life Expectancy: Females live eight to 10 years on average in captivity while males live an average of four years. I keep my spiderlings in small acrylic amac boxes. The Tliltocatl albopilosum known as the Curly Hair Tarantula has recently seen the common name in the hobby split into the Nicaraguan Curly Hair (true form) and the Honduran Curly Hair (curly hair). They require housing that mimics their natural habitat, along with live prey. Urticating hairs can cause itching and even blisters, though I find this species hairs to not be as irritating as other species and do to their docile nature, mine has never kicked hairs at me in defense. They have urticating hairs, but are not likely to flick them. Though they tend to be more shy and hide a lot as spiderlings and even juveniles, once they are over 3 or 4 inches they spend the majority of the time out where you can easily view them. I also mix up their prey with meal worms, roaches, and other feeders from time to time to give them a little variety in their diet. Defensive behavior: Brachypelma albopilosum usually don’t get skittish or defensive. I also include some interesting facts and endemic location for the Tliltocatl albopilosum. The larger the tarantula, the longer I wait before feeding again to give them plenty of time to harden up. A fall from even a few feet can seriously injure or kill them. Attitude: Curly hair tarantulas are extremely docile and calm and considered the best to handle!

These tarantulas aren't big climbers, so ground space is more important than height. Simply drop the prey into the enclosure near your spider. Handling: Curly hairs are considered the best tarantula for handling due to their docile nature. Young tarantulas generally will need feedings every two to five days while adults eat roughly once a week. Matt Meadows / Photolibrary / Getty Images. This species makes for an excellent display T as adults because they spend a lot of time out of their hide and on display. This species can go weeks without eating, so i always check up on the 24 hours after feeding and remove any prey they didn't eat and try again in a week or two. There are some visual differences in the tarantulas as some are more golden brown while others are a much darker, almost black color. When it comes to feeding, I feed my smallest spiderlings Flightless Fruit Flies and flour beetles as well as pre killed nymph roaches or pre killed small crickets, avoiding feeding them any prey larger than the tarantula. If possible, ask to see the spider eat.

theTarantulaCollective@gmail.comyoutube.com/the_tarantula_collectiveinstagram.com/the_tarantula_collective. The width of the tank should be at least two to three times more than the leg span of the spider. If I don't have anything small enough available to feed, i will pre kill the smallest cricket I have and drop it in its enclosure for it to scavenge or just use legs from larger crickets or cut the cricket in half. Keep the tank out of direct sunlight. You can use a heating pad under the tank to maintain the appropriate temperature, which you should monitor regularly with a thermometer. I hope you found that helpful! I like to keep the tarantulas I prominently display in larger, more visually appealing enclosures. Common Names: Curly hair tarantula, wooly tarantula, Scientific Names: Brachypelma albopilosum, Tliltocatl albopilosus, Adult Size: 5.5 inches long (including its leg span). 'https:' : 'http:') + '//www.googletagservices.com/tag/js/gpt.js'; var node = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; node.parentNode.insertBefore(gads, node); })(); // ]]>//

And many are bred in captivity for the pet trade. Make sure it’s active with shiny hairs and a round belly. Remove any uneaten prey after 24 hours to keep the enclosure clean. Keep the tank between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Handling: Curly hairs are considered the best tarantula for handling due to their docile nature. The curly hair tarantula has a round body that's covered with long bristles that have a slight curl—hence the spider's common name. And many spiders molt while lying on their backs with their legs curled up, which some owners who aren’t familiar with the process can mistake for a spider dying. And if you’d like more free spider tips, sign up for my weekly tarantula newsletter or subscribe to my tarantula YouTube channel! Curly hair tarantulas get most of their hydration from their food. A dull or shriveled appearance often indicates disease. Origin: Central America, from Honduras to Costa Rica, Life span: Female: 3-10 years, Males: much shorter. Also, monitor for mold growth, which can occur due to the humidity. If you need to raise the humidity, mist the tank with clean water in a spray bottle. Moreover, this tarantula needs a humidity level in its tank that's around 65 to 70 percent, which you can measure with a hygrometer. For a long time the Honduran Curly Hair was the main tarantula you saw in the hobby but many believe that they have been subject to accidental or intentional cross breeding with other closely related species muddying their bloodline while the Nicaraguan is rumored to be a thoroughbred species and are kept separate from the hobby form now for breeding purposes. Expect to pay between $20 and $50 on average. It’s best to observe the spider in person before committing.

However, if you think your spider’s molt is taking longer than it should or otherwise seems abnormal, discuss this with your vet. I still make sure to remove any uneaten prey and boluses within 24 hours and wait 10-14 days after a molt before attempting to feed again. This tarantula is a staple in the hobby for good reason. I always make sure I remove any uneaten prey 24 hours later and never leave uneaten pieces of prey in the enclosure to help prevent mold and mites. I use either a vent or dill or melt vent holes into the side and or top of the enclosure. Some spiders won't mind sitting on your hand or arm, as long as you handle them very calmly and gently. A local exotic animal veterinarian might be able to direct you to a good seller. Housing the Curly Hair Tarantula A 5- to 10-gallon tank is suitable for curly hair tarantulas. I try to keep the lower levels of substrate damp while allowing the top layers to remain dry, giving the tarantula the option to burrow deeper for more humid conditions or staying out on top for more arid conditions. These tarantulas aren't big climbers, so ground space is more important than height. Do to the lack of taxonomic research using DNA, it is impossible to say with any certainty that they are different species, thoroughbred or hybrid, or just local variants. Unless you are allergic to the spider’s bite (which you unfortunately won’t know until after the fact), a bite from this tarantula will just be a little irritating. Care & Husbandry Video. It has been reported that these spiders can eat small pinky mice, however it is not suggested because the calcium in the mammals’ bones is not good for the tarantula. Most of the bristles are a dark brown to black, but some are golden. This is a staple species in the hobby and has been around for a long time. The seller should be able to give you information on the animal’s origin and health. I keep this species like I keep all my new world terrestrial tarantulas. So be mindful and have a catch cup handy when feeding and rehousing them when they are small. They are slow moving, relaxed and very rarely show a threat pose. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Once they have outgrown that enclosure I will move them into a 2.5-5 gallon enclosure filled up at least halfway with eco earth coco fiber. Most humans don’t have systemic effects from this spider’s bite.

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