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California Coast University and Pacific Western University (California) were both California State Approved by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education at the time of the hearings.

"[14] The law was approved and introduced penalties of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine for knowingly granting or promoting an unaccredited award. In 2004, this institution was sued by the Pennsylvania Attorney General for violation of state consumer laws. Previously this school may have operated out of Georgia and Florida as Saint Augustin University or other name variations. There is no accreditation status for this school. It is not recognized by the US Department of Education nor the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. It is not regionally accredited. The USDE and the CHEA do not recognize it, either. An act of Congress authorized the tag. If you see an online school that uses .com rather than .edu, beware. Warren National was previously known as Kennedy-Western University and is now closed. From the institution’s website: “The degrees obtained from Panworld University are in accordance with the Accreditation Institutes with which it is affiliated. While not accredited by any recognized agency to award college degrees, the institution has been allowed to operate a post-secondary, for-profit private school the State of Florida. [39][40] There were 22 schools that went under review to make sure they meet NCAA requirements in 2005. The founder of the school, Lloyd Clayton, also operated Chadwick University of Alabama. [28] George Gollin, a University of Illinois professor and board member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation said: California is the only state in the country without rules governing postsecondary education institutions "You have no law. Summit University of Louisiana appears to be related to a newer online school, Stauron University, which claims operations out of Maine. South Dakota,[20] Cambell does not publish contact information. Did you know that an act of Congress established .edu web addresses for reputable institutions? Central State is not a state-funded university in the US and is not accredited by any agency recognized by the US Department of Education. consumer protection suit against them in that State of Hawaii. This institution is nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). If the idea of obtaining a degree for minimal work is still enticing, be sure to take into consideration the long-term consequences before writing any checks. (California Coast has since gained accreditation from the Distance Education and Training Council and Pacific Western University (California) ceased operation in 2007 after its assets were sold to an accredited university.). Carroll resigned her commissioner position after the CBS investigation raised questions about her degree. This entity should not to be confused with The InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico, a valid, accredited institution. It is also not recognized by the US Department of Education nor the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. It is not recognized by the US Department of Education nor the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. It is not recognized by the US Department of Education nor the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. In June 2010, it was suspected that Columbus operations emanated from a prison cell, in a fraudulent scheme run by an inmate. These degrees are often awarded based on vaguely construed life experience. Hamilton University was closed by court order in Wyoming. Washington. The independent, trusted guide to online education for over 22 years! None of the UDP universities were properly accredited or chartered in the UK, the US or any other foreign country. It is not accredited. (Public employment and licensed professions are excepted from the agreement). [31], Wyoming-based Kennedy-Western University sued the state of Oregon in 2004, challenging a state law that made it illegal for résumés used in connection with employment (including job applications) in the state to list degrees from institutions that are not accredited or recognized by the state as legitimate.,[32][33][34] Kennedy-Western claimed that its degree-holders had a First Amendment right to say they were degree-holders. For instance, did you realize that a .edu web address most often indicates a legitimate school? The Department of Defense had the highest number of enrollees, with 257 employees registered. Moreover, credits from a non-regionally accredited college will most likely not be recognized from a regionally-accredited program. This school has no accreditation. [44] As part of those hearing the US Government Accountability Office presented the results of an eight-month examination and report released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Furthermore, it is not recognized by the US Department of Education nor the Council on Higher Education Accreditation.

However, these accrediting agencies are just as phony as the schools they claim to accredit. Not having the right degree may cost you the job of the moment, but losing your job for providing a fake degree could cost you your career. Neither the Council on Higher Education Accreditation nor the USDE recognize it as a learning institution with permission to grant diplomas. This school is not accredited. By any name, this school is not accredited and it is not recognized by the CHEA.

This school is not recognized by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. This school is not recognized by the US Department of Education nor the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. Oregon State Warning: The State of Oregon listed this online college as a non-accredited degree supplier.

You can likely sniff out degrees that aren’t valid beyond the doors of the institution where they were granted, by following some simple tips from the US Department of Education. Under the settlement, Kennedy-Western degree-holders may say that they have degrees when applying for private sector jobs in Oregon, but must also reveal that the school is unaccredited on all job applications, resumes, business cards and advertisements that mention the degree. [19], U.S. jurisdictions where the use of higher education credentials from diploma mills and unaccredited schools is explicitly illegal or legally restricted include There is no accreditation status for this school, plus it is not recognized by the US Department of Education. 463 federal employees were discovered to have been enrolled in the three schools at the time of the inquiry. Arm yourself with the facts and avoid the pitfall of a diploma mill! This school lacks accreditation. A diploma mill (also known as a degree mill) is an organization that awards academic degrees and diplomas with substandard or no academic study and without academic approval by officially recognized educational accrediting bodies or qualified government agencies. [20][26]

Is Oregon the only state that disallows use of unaccredited degrees? Diploma mills, also known as degree mills, are essentially phony colleges that sell fake diplomas and other educational credentials. Texas State Warning: The State of Texas classified this online college as an illegal supplier of educational credentials in the State of Texas.

[58], On August 3, 2012 Herguan University, an unaccredited school, was served with a notice of intent to withdraw its SEVP certification. However, the school claims accreditation by unrecognized agencies, such as the International Accreditation Association for Online Education (IAAFOE) and the Accreditation Council for Distance Education (ACTDE). It is not recognized by the US Department of Education nor the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. Devonshire has also marketed itself as Harrington University, the University of San Moritz, and the University of Palmers Green. It has no accreditation. This entity was closed by court order in Wyoming and is potentially operating out of the Bahamas. Depending upon your career path, attending a non-regionally accredited college could impact your future — just like what happened to Michael Satz. Consumer warnings have been issued as follow: July 2010, Clayton College announced its closure. [8] The operators were fined over $100,000. Furthermore, "In less than a month, the imaginary Syrian army expert was notified, James Monroe University was awarding him three advanced degrees in engineering and chemistry, all for $1,277."[50].

If you attend a non-regionally accredited college, it is highly likely that a regionally-accredited college will not recognize your coursework. Be wary of this institution — it has no accreditation. This college is licensed to operate as an educational business in the State of Idaho. This is not an accredited institution on any level. This was also a non-accredited online college which closed in 2009, after Alabama revoked its business license. GetEducated.com is a consumer group that publishes online college rankings and online university ratings along the dimensions that matter most to online students themselves: affordability and credibility. Hamilton University should not be confused with the actual, legitimate institution of Hamilton College located in Clinton, New York. Windsor claims accreditation by the United States Distance Education & Training Council of Nevada. Furthermore, it is not recognized by the US Department of Education nor the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. The school has had consumer warnings issued in three states: Texas State Warning: The State of Texas classified this online college as an illegal supplier of educational credentials. Indiana,[20]

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