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So, DD2 for intermediate players and the DD3 for more advanced players.

In addition to classes and models, you'll need to think about plastic lines.

The Katana is a really cool disc from Innova that features a wicked high-speed turn and ending low-speed fade. If you are ordering golf discs for your retail business but aren't familiar with disc golf. Discraft's 30-year reputation for consistency means that if you lose it, just pull out a new one and you're back in business. For long distances and trick shots.

The important thing to understand is that golf discs are like clubs to a ball golfer: each is intended for different shots and course challenges. Intermediate players will get more distance on forehand throws with the Destroyer than just about any other disc.”.

Hot driver released in 2013, easy to throw for most players. You can get a Boss here on InfiniteDiscs.com. I have a few of these in the bag with different stability levels. In short, this is a tough disc to throw for most players. The Pharaoh is just a newer addition to the distance driver game brought to you by none other than Infinite Discs. What about me? When I stepped up to the teepad, I did something that I hadn’t ever done before – I threw the discs and it went over 300 feet – through countless trees, brush, and everything else in the woods. Discraft Discs is the World Leader in Disc Sports.

If not, please believe that I’m telling you the truth. Most golf discs -- especially drivers -- tend to fade to the left, which would put them somewhere within the overstable range. This can mean that more advanced players can really make this baby soar.

If you can really sling a disc far, give the Ape a try. Stalker offers players a dependably straight distance driver, forgives small release errors and produces soft landings that won't skip away from the target on impact. This disc will fly farther for you with less effort and will consistently get you 400+ foot drives if you have a big enough arm to handle it. You'll want a mix of stability in your bag.

This is the more natural flight path for sharp edged discs.

driver: The fastest selling disc in Discraft history.

You can get an Ape here on InfiniteDiscs.com. Best for: intermediate, advanced players. It's easy to control whether you're going straight, hyzer or anhyzer.

Discraft made a great distance driver when they created the Thrasher. Learn more about the basics of understanding and buying golf discs. Apparently, Wraiths are pretty good. Some buyers want the lowest price, others look for the best quality, still others will choose based solely on visual appeal and will snap up Glo and Fly Dye models.

For higher arm speed players, this disc works great for turn over shots and hyzer flips.

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Today, we’re going to be looking at distance drivers.

It is a consistent 400+ foot drive disc for almost all advanced players regardless of arm strength.

Lots of customers will grab one to use for Ultimate or as a recreational catch disc, and give your store disc sports cred. You can grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com. They were literally made to go the distance. Mantis: driver: Huge distance for the average player.

For lower arm speed players, this disc is quite easy to throw. It then held that record for a decade. You can get a Valkyrie here on InfiniteDiscs.com. For long distances and trick shots. If you click through to Infinite Discs and make a purchase, DiscgolfNOW.com receives a very small commission that helps us to continue creating good content and resources for disc golfers around the world. It reminds me of the Sheriff, which as you just read, I also really like. Discs that will help you break 300, 400, or even 500 feet.

Avenger SS: driver : Very popular with new players. Try it for roller shots too! These discs fly the farthest, and are therefore the easiest to lose and need replacing. This list I’ve put together of the 17 best disc golf distance drivers is full of some of the best drivers in the game.

Item No.

Crank: driver: Hot driver released in 2013, easy to throw for most players. The fastest selling disc in Discraft history.

If you’re at least an intermediate player or higher, let’s get into what you’re here for!

The Xpress is an extra long, turnover driver that is an excellent choice for rollers, that hard to execute long slow anhyzer turn, or super long hyzer flip straight shots. The Tracker is an Fairway Driver with pinpoint accuracy and superior performance.

When planning a wholesale disc golf purchase, Three classes of golf disc: driver, midrange and putter.

The 2007 Ace Race prototype is now the Impact.

The DD2 is older and the DD3 is new to the end of 2019. Nuke, Distance Driver, Experienced | Longer drives are now as easy as pushing a button: NUKE™ delivers virtually effortless maximum distance for moderate to expert players.

I’ve put a fairway/control driver on a list of distance drivers. A disc golf standard. DiscgolfNOW.com is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

From Ultimate to Disc Golf and Freestyle, we proudly manufacturer the highest quality discs in the United States of America (USA Made).

If you're in a general retail environment. Disc models, colors and plastics vary in each, but will always be appropriate for beginners.

Like clubs in ball golf, Discraft golf discs are designed to travel on a variety of flight paths to help you meet any course challenge. But a lot of practice went into those months and a lot of distance had already been gained. 17. Very fast and consistent. Expect extra glide whether you're throwing backhand or sidearm, and a consistent fade into your target. That day I was playing with him and one other person.

Great for beginners and pros too, the Glide is easy to throw... and just keeps going!

In order to throw the discs on this list, you need to be at least an intermediate disc golf player. Our awesome related content will help you find exactly what you need and will help you improve on the course. If you throw a disc on a straight, flat line using average power and it continues to fly straight, that disc is considered to be stable, and would be given a stability rating of (0). The Raptor is extremely reliable and very easy to control.

This disc is fun sometimes but I only use this disc for a couple of specific shot types. These discs get a positive rating of (1) for a subtle fade, or higher (2.5) for a harder turn. Many different systems exist for rating golf discs, which makes it tricky to do a side-by-side comparison between brands.

For lower arm speed players, this disc is quite easy to throw. Disc golf is awesome! This disc has tons of glide and quite a bit of turn which makes it a great option for new players.

Hopefully we can help you love it, too! Need a new roller disc? But before you riot and bring out the fire and pitchforks, just hear me out for a minute…. Easy to throw and easy to control, the Impact will help you to stay in the fairway and lower your scores.

Disc Selection Chart; Disc Selection Chart . The way we define a disc's flight characteristics is through the term stability.

Advanced players will consistently see a 375 to 450 foot throw.

Grab a Destroyer here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

Disc is available in highlighted plastic icons. Also, all of the flight ratings are important when trying to get maximum distance. Most popular driver for windy conditions.

After a lot of hype, Discraft changed the name to the Zeus – king of the skies.

Ever since I started playing in 2016, I’ve loved every minute of it.

Besides the record, the Cannon is meant for speed and distance. The other record is for women’s distance. This utility driver has a stability rating of 1.0, making it easy to throw and control for the majority of disc golfers. If you did, good on you.

As you gain experience and get to know how your discs fly under different circumstances, you'll want to experiment with additional discs and stabilities to see which ones fit your style and fill additional needs in your bag. So what should I be shopping for? The D1 is a very popular, ultra-fast, maximum distance driver from Prodigy. Nuke SS: driver: Nuke distance, but easier to throw. The Nuke has also been a great forehand disc for me. To grab this awesome new distance driver, head over to InfiniteDiscs.com.

It can be used by intermediate or advanced players, with advanced throwers seeing the max distance benefit. What about me?

Yes, I know what I’ve done. Discraft Crank – 13, 5, -2, 2. Discraft Raptor – Fairway/Control Driver.

It's an ultra-dependable, straight flying midrange that you'll reach for again and again.

A legendary driver that players come back for again and again. All of these max distance drivers are really hard to throw, are very overstable, and require a lot of technique and skill to throw. A well-worn Stratus will flip flat when thrown on a hard hyzer. Check it all out below.

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