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Jennifer Yuh Nelson Bibo Bergeron,

Rob Minkoff | Despite Madagascar 2 having a lot of Lion King elements, it still has a lot of unique qualities that make me glad DreamWorks is here and well. A very grim, and well put together film.

| | Eric Darnell, Stars: 61,556 Will Smith,

David Schwimmer, Votes:

Leslie Mann, Votes:

Eddie Murphy, PG 2008 was a good year for DreamWorks releasing two wonderful films both funny and engaging. $155.02M.


Phil Daniels,

| He said yes, but only if he can make a trilogy. 181,799 Rosie Perez, Directors: 98 min Bibo Bergeron, Even if DreamWorks only made one truly great hand-drawn film (The Prince of Egypt) out of its four 2D feature films, it was still sad when its hand-drawn animation department was shuttered in 2003.One 2D project being worked on before DreamWorks abandoned the artform was to be titled The Wanderer.

Completed. Stephen Colbert, David Soren |

This is also surprisingly mature at times and doesn't go all Blue Sky on us. Peter Ramsey $148.42M, PG Stars:

Now he has his own film.

Two overly imaginative pranksters named George and Harold hypnotize their principal into thinking he's a ridiculously enthusiastic, incredibly dimwitted superhero named Captain Underpants. America Ferrera, Director: It all started after Katzenberg has a dispute with Disney shortly after The Lion King's release, resulting in him leaving (like Bluth) to make his own company which became known as DreamWorks Animation. 83,096 98 min This is when DreamWorks really got rolling. Eddie Murphy, | Gross: | David Schwimmer, | Stars: | Gross: This film gives a twist to the characters we love at this point, example Tigress is more loose and not as stingy. $187.17M. Wanda Sykes, Votes: Stars: 413,198 Only time will tell. | Animation, Action, Adventure. Nick Park Director: This was surprisingly mature and has a sense of adventure and danger.

| Kate Winslet, However, the Dragon Warrior mantle is supposedly mistaken to be bestowed upon an obese panda who is a novice in martial arts. Angelina Jolie,

Dustin Hoffman, Votes:

154,393 And here it is, the last film in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. 92 min Tom McGrath A group of animals who have spent all their life in a New York zoo end up in the jungles of Madagascar, and must adjust to living in the wild. Tim Johnson, When a son of a gangster shark boss is accidentally killed while on the hunt, his would-be prey and his vegetarian brother decide to use the incident to their own advantage. Animation, Adventure, Comedy. Garry Shandling, Garry Shandling, The best spin-off of a character ever in history. Jada Pinkett Smith, Votes: $165.25M. Director: Directors:

This proved to their most successful film yet. 104 min 92 min Gerard Butler, Simon J. Smith, $103.41M, PG Certainly not DreamWorks best, but indeed watchable. Enjoy!

95 min 90 min

| Gross: $111.51M. | | Gross:

Tom McGrath, Stars: | Karey Kirkpatrick $175.00M, PG Matthew Broderick, Chris Miller

Really, I'm trying to say something good, but I just can't. Director: Movies. Director: $187.17M, PG $217.58M. Lisa Kudrow, Votes: But a good way to end a legendary character and franchise. Albert Tsai, G Directors: Gerard Butler,

Tim Johnson Alec Baldwin, Julia Sawalha, Stars: | Gross: Ryan Reynolds, $90.76M. 84 min Tom McGrath But it just might work. | | 93 min | Gross: F. Murray Abraham, Isla Fisher, The prehistoric family the Croods are challenged by a rival family the Bettermans, who claim to be better and more evolved. Steve Hickner, | Gross: When the evil spirit Pitch launches an assault on Earth, the Immortal Guardians team up to protect the innocence of children all around the world.

| Gross: Daniel Studi, The time-travelling adventures of an advanced canine and his adopted son, as they endeavor to fix a time rift they created. | Gerard Butler, Director: This was also nominated for an Academy Award for best animated film unfortunately losing to Toy Story 3.

| | Directors: The second film in the Madagascar franchise.

This is how you do it!

$320.71M. Directors:

Animation, Adventure, Drama. But on the other hand it's very similar to the Smurfs, no its not as bad as Smurfs but characters look like Smurfs but with different colors splotched on them. Jim Parsons, List of DreamWorks Animation films. | Nonetheless, DreamWorks should be proud of this one as it is smart, funny and is the best of the Shrek films by far. Anna Kendrick, After their cave is destroyed, a caveman family must trek through an unfamiliar fantastical world with the help of an inventive boy.

360,985 Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Votes: | Gross: They're back! Directors: Another animated film company that has found there own success throughout their short but incredible history. This film made some money at the box office, not a whole lot. Stars: A lot of times three is a lucky number, but not for DreamWorks. David Atkins, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Patrick Warburton, Votes: Director: | 90 min This also brings some new characters we never saw before. | Val Kilmer, Animation, Adventure, Comedy. Bruce Willis, | The story of an uptown rat that gets flushed down the toilet from his penthouse apartment, ending in the sewers of London, where he has to learn a whole new and different way of life.

Jill Culton, Animation, Adventure, Family. Sandra Bullock, Votes: PG | | Gross:

| Hugh Jackman, A hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself, and learns there may be more to the creatures than he assumed. 106,343 Rob Letterman Vicky Jenson, Tell us what you think about this feature. 70,965 Stars: Eric Darnell,

Knowing what he did to the Smurfs and Scooby-Doo. After they're last disappointing year of 2015, DreamWorks is back and as good as ever. Animation, Adventure, Comedy. It all started after Katzenberg has a dispute with Disney shortly after The Lion King's release, resulting in him leaving (like Bluth) to make his own company which became known as DreamWorks Animation. Animation, Action, Adventure.

249,462 $50.86M. 360,985 Puss in Boots is as you all know from the Shrek franchise who became a sensation from the film.

| Gross: | $238.37M. |

| Gross:

Chris Rock, | I was in heaven when I saw this film. | 86 min Wallace and his loyal dog, Gromit, set out to discover the mystery behind the garden sabotage that plagues their village and threatens the annual giant vegetable growing contest. PG 74th Academy Awards (2002) (Did the animation for Shrek and Donkey in the audience … After seeing, you know what, I was happy to see DreamWorks didn't go stupid.

But now the question is, what does DreamWorks future hold now that it’s last major franchise has ended.

Animation, Adventure, Comedy. | Gross: Official Site of DreamWorks Animation.

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