explore the imperial excavation near the crashed venator

To reflect a blaster bolt with your lightsaber, you need to tap, After you learn Force Pull at the Tomb of Miktrull, you can buy the skill for Lightsaber Throw in the Force skill tree for 3 skill points. Thx.

check if every area is explored with a tick next to it. I just clicked on all the collected stuff and it popped. Travelled to another planet this morning and still nothing.

You then have to progress further in the level and take part in a very cinematic sequence with a few button presses. To use it, hold. I definitely did not kill it, so to every one else: try to kill it on your 1st try or you might avoid this trophy. Area: Weathered Monument Use the elevator all the way to the east from the main access area to the Imperial HQs. Having an issue with data disk.

Powered Zipline - on Zeffo after Kashyyyk, it will allow you to travel up and down ziplines.

Encryption Log – Archive One – Discovery: 1. The collectible guide will be published tonight and is pushing close to 9000 words! I’m only missing 2 trophies, the one for killing the Haxion Guys, and by extension the one for scanning every enemy type. After a story-related event you’ll be put in an arena battle and have to defeat the Bounty Droid.


That’s got a hole in the side.

looks like a lot of work) I know exactly where the feather should be, but nothing. The remains of a stormtrooper. Can’t get the boggling to interact on bogano for the full house trophy?

I killed it and went back online but got no achievement. Yes, they’ll randomly ambush you as you explore. I have not tried starting a new game and killing all legendary beasts again, but if that doesn’t work I have no idea what else to try. This is not a story trophy unlike the others in the game. Could be worth exploring. Hitting an enemy while in Slow will break them out of it, so make sure you either weaken an enemy to within one hit of death first or just farm this on weak enemies like regular Stormtroopers. To do this, Force Pull an Imperial Probe Droid towards you with. I thought this too, I killed hundreds of enemies and when I was writing the guide I marked it as glitch in my draft until I got it. Great guide! Or do you have a video?

Waiting for the last flower to florish and thats it!! For this trophy, you need 100% exploration on Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk, Dathomir and Ilum. Use BD-1’s Slice and go into the room on the right where there is a Meditation Point.

You’re missing Featherfern, bud. I found it while doing the objective for exploring the imperial excavation near the crashed venator.

If it’s a more advanced enemy then they’ll be more resistant to pull. Sage, Vault and Tomb: Inside the hut, next to the lightsaber workbench behind the fan you need to Slow.

Empowered Slow is a skill in the Force tree which you can purchase for 1 skill point after you discover the Bogano Vault. You need both but it’s confusing because ‘outfit’ doesn’t appear in the Cutomisation tab until you actually find one unlike the others. At the Crash Site. Once this is done, wait for it to attack you with its headbutt move, then evade and kick. how do you find what you’re missing? One of the chests you need to Splice open can glitch out. After finishing the story, you’ll be left with a lot of areas still to explore, collectibles to pick up and perhaps a couple more enemies to scan.

I haven’t even finished the story yet.

Use the method above, then simply ride back down the zipline, reset the enemies at the Meditation Point and go back up again. Are you using a normal Stormtrooper? It’s in the skill tree and is a more powerful pull. You don’t need to wait, till the frog makes the attack.

Killed when the tunnel collapsed due to Imperial excavation. Go to a nearby Meditation Point and try again. Exit to Crash Site After learn Jedi Flip on Kashyyyk. Because the pull abity only makes them stumble forward a tiny bit and I can never stop the bolt anywhere near. Anyone else have/had the same problem and maybe know the answer?

Climbing Claws - you will find Climbing Claws on planet Dathomir, they will allow you to climb on new types of walls. There are no difficulty trophies so you can play on Story Mode if you like, although this is incredibly easy and removes any challenge from the story. This trophy unlocks after you free the Wookiees on Kashyyyk. Don't Camp Out For a PlayStation 5, Sony Says. At the next fork, you’re meant to go right and climb up a long rope to continue on the path. Press to scan an enemy once they are defeated. The Sound Of Destruction Zeffo - Ice Caves. Explore the Imperial Excavation near Crashed Venator. Are there any collectibles that give you a point for your skill tree? This is one of the largest areas in the game. Potentially glitched trophy alert – I have defeated all 4 legendary bosses but the trophy hasn’t popped.

Ok ZEFFO is bugged.

It should maybe be mentioned in the guide because all it says is to get the pull ability, and nothing else. Is there another customization aspect because you say you can get it as early as Zeffo and in my case, that is not happening. Do they respawn?? Eventually, you’ll reach the lift that brought you down to the tomb, and on the way back up the trophy will pop.

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