how to make a mascot head

I noticed other people on this forum were talking about creating an owl head...this is intended to be a gift for someone..Followed your steps, and I'm pretty satisfied with the end result...(definitely buying a soldering iron if I attempt to make another, you're right... cutting with a saw creates a huge mess.) I also used 3 drywall screws to hold the pieces together as the glue dries. If you want you can install a construction helmet (as a very nice head support) and ventilation fans.

And your hair too!

- Leave it to dry and then paint over it with a couple of coats of your nose coloured paint. Make sure the hair is out of the way (if you have any). 8 years ago - A strip of duct tape will ensure all your whiskers are facing the same way - towards the eyes is best.

You will learn how to create a mascot head on a limited budget. Check and double check your symmetry by holding your mask up to a mirror, or taking a picture of it and looking on a computer. Using the heavy duty thread, sew the screen over the eye area. Then take strips of tape and cover the top of your head. Leave a hole in the front for the nose to sit. I think it just depends on how comfortable your are with your communication. It's easiest to have all the hair on one piece of fur, and then faintly mark with chalk where each strand is going to go. Share it with us! You will need:Fur, cut into pattern shapes; Cool melt glue gun.Optional:Nylon wire and/or Hair extensions/wig hair/horse hair. The easiest, cleanest and fastest way is with a hot knife. 2 years ago. Features taxidermy eyes and re-rooted hair. I think by "to young" they mean they're still growing, and it takes time,work and money.

1. Go cats! - First, prepare the eyes by cutting out a small piece of foam to make the backs of them straight (usually they're concave at the back). Our comprehensive Concept to Creation process is the first stage in a partnership that lasts throughout the life of your character. - Repeat until you've got a head of hair- Cut and style the hair as you like it.

If your scissors get gummed up with duct tape, use nail polish remover to clean them. For ventilation fans I used old PC fans connected to 9 volt batteries (sorry I dont have a picture but you can see the holes for the fans). Sew the seams shut if you like. As you cut the layers try to get the rough shape of the head.

Do not separate the sections--keep them together as much as possible.

2 months ago, can you make me a inflatable mascot costume because i dont have a mascot head at all, Reply This is usually around the face and the ears. Thank you for the picture. 4. Do this to the sides as well.

Symmetry is very important here, a squinting mask isn't such a great idea. - Use (fake) leather to make eyelids. Now, fursuits are hard to make and you can out grow a fursuit if your not done growing, if wait a coyple years then you can wear it longer and it will be better! Reply Reply You can use this part of the process to add more shape to some parts of your head, like the eyebrows. 1 year ago [Optional step] Whiskers- If you want to add whiskers, take a roll of nylon wire (or nylon guitar strings) and cut some lengths. How do I tell my mom I want a fursuit? Shake it so there are no loose hairs.- Cut a small hole in your fur and thread the hair through. So it's not weird or too young.

You will need: Sharp scissors; nail polish remover; duct tape1.

Cut the foam vertically every 3 inches. Keep checking for symmetry - it's vital that the mask be symmetrical. Remember you're only building it up from the face so you don't have to worry about the back of the head. ]- It really, really helps to have a willing friend around for this step. - Lay the paper pattern onto the back of your fur and draw around it with chalk. Using a marker, lightly sketch out the design you wish to carve. This will help you get an idea of the right dimensions to use. Now for the exciting part - furring the mask. on Introduction, Oops! Press down hard to give the fabric a clean look. When all pieces are glued together, spray entire head to seal completely. Tuck the fabric under and into the interior of the head. Remember to make it smaller and more angular than you want your finished mask to be. WARNING most glue will melt the foam. And I jammed a batting helmet in there to make it stay on better. 3. Fold a piece of (fake) leather over and stick them onto the eyes with a glue gun.

you might grow out of your hard work. Use the utility knife to cut a large hole into the centre of the foam to create a head opening.

Cut your balaclava so that this is possible. Optional:A razor knife; pet hair clippers; hair extensions/wig hair/horse hair; nylon wire; (fake) leather.Either:A mannequin head (you can buy these from Amazon)Or:Some "electrician's tape" (also sold as "bondage tape"); plastic carrier bags/newspaper/both; a secure tube/vase. - Repeat until you have the right amount of pieces of fur to cover your entire head. I managed to find several 2'x2' boards with one-inch thickness; is this the thickness what you were working with? 1. It makes we want to post more stuff on Instructables....timmy, Question Follow the same directions with the mouth area.

1. Thanks for the advice! on Introduction, When i Built it with all the supplies it was 100 dollars and good luck it was cheaper to buy foam from walmart, 2 years ago

Thick fabric will help hide rough spots and imperfections. Always use caution when working with knifes. You can make symmetry adjustments on your photograph first, and then implement them on your mask. Make sure they're flat - I had to iron mine to make sure. I did this to make room for a construction helmet (you will see in a later step). Put your creative mind to work and create a unique mascot head yourself. You will need: Fur, cut into pattern shapes; cool melt glue gun. Foam: $20-$30 at Wal-Mart for a 1-2 inch roll where i live Fur: anywhere from $40-$100 depending on where you go and how much you buyHot glue gun: mine was about $10 but you can find cheaper.Hot glue sticks: i can get 20 packs for a dollar at my local dollar tree but my favorite kind is $10 for one 20 pack. You will need: Masking tape; duct tape; sharp scissors; nail polish remover; chalk; fur; razor knife/scalpel; marker pen; scrap paper. Reply Pin each section to the next so that it maintains the structure.

If you currently live with your grandparents, it would be a better idea just to save up and wait until you can move out instead of risking getting in trouble with them. 6 years ago I'm only 13 and I'm worried she'll think it's weird XP (is 13 too young?

9 years ago

To make your furry mascot head, you will need:Definite:A silk balaclava; strong duct tape; masking tape; upholstery foam; spray glue; a cool melt glue gun with lots of extra glue sticks; a Prismacolor marker; chalks; a pen; lots of scrap paper; one pair of general purpose scissors; one pair of small sharp scissors; calico, canvas or buckram; a pair of large taxidermy eyes (at least 32mm); Fimo; white acrylic paint; fleshtone acrylic paint; nail polish remover; fleece material; a sewing kit; long pile fur, (the most expensive you can afford); a lint roller. The materials are expensive so you probably wouldn’t want to spend all of the time and money making something that might not fit you the next year.

7 months ago, Buckram fabric you put it where the eyes should be and the glass eye part supposed to be smaller then your eyes so it goes on top of the buckram much like thisNot my work btw just an example from google, 10 years ago The store bought hot knives are expensive and flimsy.

Remove the pins holding the foam together. on Step 5. - Get your friend to take a reel of electrician's tape (it's the kind that sticks to itself but nothing else) and carefully wind it around your head from the forehead downwards. - Install the eyes by sticking them to the underside of the eyebrow ridge with the glue gun. 11 months ago - Get your friend to take a reel of electrician's tape (it's the kind that sticks to itself but nothing else) and carefully wind it around your head from the forehead downwards. 9 years ago

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