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Yes, how else! Inspector Clouseau, you have testified under oath... Sir, Inspector clouseau is here to see you.

[Dreyfus searches Xania's purse but finds nothing]. Please send up my... well, please send down my brown suit immediately.

They are required to have a knowledge of Chinese herbs. A Woman is like an artichoke, you must work hard to get to her heart.

It appears that Inspector Clouseau does not find Miss Solandres drab.

I - I find your accent quite funny. Meet Dr. Li How Pang. Police Chief Lundallah: Therefore the wax. Chief Inspector Dreyfus: Ah, Clouseau. | - Inspector Clouseau here.

01:05:43 - Inspector Clouseau here. - (knocking). Xania: [Clouseau hands the Swiss Army knife to Dreyfus, and takes the Pink Panther ring out of Xania's purse] After Gluant came to me, he said he decided to stop cheating on me; then he asked me to marry him... and put the ring in my hands. You should look for soccer trainers. It is important that we show compassion; and we must use the gentle healing power of laughter. Inspector Clouseau: Only the real Inspector Dreyfus would know that he did not have a code-name. Well, of course not. There is a time and a place for everything, Cato! 01:02:02 - Inspector Clouseau? 01:44:52 I am not Guy Gadbois. - Good evening, sir. 00:55:24 How could Inspector Clouseau be with a simple woman? In his final years, Sellers amazed his audience with his memorable performance in Being There, but didn’t live long enough to enjoy his success. ‘We’re in the hands of people without a plan’: is there any hope for Britain’s cinemas?

Chief Inspector Dreyfus: No, this is Chief Inspector Dreyfus! But we have matches in Asia.

[Ponton drives away with Dreyfus being dragged on the road], [the rest of Dreyfus's conversation goes unheard].

This is Madame Clouseau. 01:21:02 I am Inspector Jacques Clouseau. Chief Inspector Dreyfus: Leave us alone for a moment. Sally Hawkins. She believes music, long walks and a good sense of humor are imperative in keeping one’s sanity. Inspector Jacques Clouseau: You didn't say "Stop the car.

Not since the Internet. Female Reporter: Inspector!Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Yes.Female Reporter: Yes, what is your initial premise?Inspector Jacques Clouseau: That Gluant did not want to be killed. He took small steps before he made it in the movies. 00:13:26 I assume you told Inspector Clouseau.

Inspector Clouseau: Valet, this is Inspector Clouseau. 5 Nov. 2020. Inspector Clouseau: He was blind! I must have a private word with Inspector Clouseau. This is Chief Inspector Clouseau. I grew up with him and found him hysterical. But being a compulsive gambler, Gluant, uh... took the money and gambled it all away. Dreyfus: You are suspended for six months, without pay, effective immediately!

Palais Reporter: What about the diamond? Inspector Jacques Clouseau: [Clouseau uses the mini-scissors to cut into the purse's inner lining] Could you hold that, please? Subscribe Peter Sellers — Actor born on September 08, 1925, Peter Sellers, CBE was a British film actor, comedian and singer. He is Sir Charles Phantom, the notorious Lytton. Diese übernahm stattdessen Bud Yorkin, die Rolle des tollpatschigen Inspektors spielte in diesem Film Alan Arkin. Good evening commisonaire, how are you, your lovely wife and all the little commisionaires! Have you anything to say? Martha, you remember Chief Inspector Clouseau? Peter Sellers was a huge influence on my wanting to act.

Compared to Clouseau, Attila the Hun was a Red Cross volunteer! Hmm. Have the wax tested immediately. Excellent verbal joust, Inspector! Permalink: I'll be honest with you. 00:34:59 - Yes.

If I can’t really find a way to live with myself, I can’t expect anyone else to live with me.

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: [Clouseau takes out a Swiss Army knife, and opens the miniature scissors] The purse, please. Advanced search.

The Return of the Pink Panther is a 1975 film about Inspector Jacques Clouseau and his attempts to again catch the notorious Phantom (Sir Charles Lytton), who this time has stolen the famous Pink Panther diamond from the Lugash Museum. Movie quotes. Tributes paid to 'best Bond ever' as Sir Sean Connery dies aged 90, Beyond Bond: inside Sean Connery's wild, wigged-out post-007 career, James Bond actor Sir Sean Connery dies aged 90, ‘I'm fed up with the idiots’: why Sean Connery retired after The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Inspector Jacques Clouseau, Chief Inspector Dreyfus: And understand the location of the occipital lobe. The case is closed! Inspector Clouseau: I arrest you, Sir Charles Phantom, the notorious pink Lytton.

Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. I - I find your accent quite funny. Coincidentally, Dr. Pang would send Gluant large sums of money. 00:10:14 - Inspector Clouseau. François Chevalier: What does yours say? There used to be a me, but I had it surgically removed. 00:06:33 I will meet with inspector Clouseau. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. 01:49:05 Inspector Clouseau, you have testified under oath... 00:08:17 Sir, Inspector clouseau is here to see you. 00:16:07 Oh, I am Inspector Clouseau.

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Chief Inspector, I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to solve the Pink Panther murder.

Bizu: Yes. Ah. - Yes. 00:36:35 Hey, Ponton.

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The actor is renowned for portraying the bumbling Inspector Clouseau in Blake Edwards’s The Pink Panther. Perhaps you have heard of me. 01:04:25 Inspector Clouseau, if you are so well informed. Chief Inspector Dreyfus: [sarcastically] Well, this is a glorious day for France. 00:56:10 - One of my men? You have the flight number; he leaves tomorrow out of JFK. Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Ah! Are you blind? 01:09:06 Inspector Clouseau and a year later... 01:27:45 Did Inspector Clouseau really perish in the sea, as reported? Inspector Jacques Clouseau: [mocking him] "do-do-do-ba-ba-lo" Inspector Jacques Clouseau: You need to work on your accent.

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