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Shot 29.6% 3PT% over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Decent rebounder but not an area where he stands out among his position …, Outlook: Transferring to Prolific Prep for his senior year … Helped Team WhyNot to the Peach Jam Championship game, scoring 27 points and three steals … Named MVP of the U17 World Cup in 2018 … Won Gold at the U16 Americas Championship in 2016, U17 World Cup in 2018, and U19 World Cup in 2019 …, Notes: Green measured 6’4 barefoot, 6’5 in shoes, 172 lbs, with a 6’7.5 wingspan, and a 8’5 standing reach in mid 2018 …. Johnson during a workout. Green is already somewhat of a legend in the Fresno area -- there's even a rap song from local artists featuring the hook, "Ballin' like I'm Jalen," which Green and his friends take turns blaring from their iPhone speakers. You often hear about NBA players being able to deal with outside pressures and expectations because of their strong core of friends and family.

Everybody who hangs around with him are great kids. Same short shorts. It's a late night in Las Vegas, and Green's parents are driving frantically around the city. Powered by BizBudding Inc. ST LOUIS, MO - MARCH 09: Head coach Bruce Pearl of Auburn Tigers walks to the court before the game against the Alabama Crimson Tide during the quarterfinals round of the 2018 SEC Basketball Tournament at Scottrade Center on March 9, 2018 in St Louis, Missouri. What else can I say?".

Jalen and his parents occasionally feared for their lives in the hectic traffic patterns, but overall it was a tremendous experience. Averaged 18.2 points per game at 50% FG% over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Good length, quickness, and effort as a defender. From his closet, behind the sneakers, emerge a bevy of trophies, plaques, signed basketballs and, yes, a gold medal from Team USA's FIBA title. Shot 20.7% 3PT% at the U19 World Cup in 2019.

I'll be like, 'Mai, move over,' and give him an elbow or something like that, but it's not that bad as you would think.". Jalen Green, the top basketball player in the 2020 class, has embraced his 'unicorn' nickname. Can guard any perimeter position. Green's hands are on his knees. Nobody can be sure if the rule will change in time for Green to go straight to the pros, but he's hoping it will.

David Dennis What makes Green so appealing to the modern NBA is his versatility. "It just keeps my head tight, like I don't wanna go down that path. Same shooting mechanics. "Jahmai's a wild sleeper," Green said.

This is someone special -- someone whose name will one day be permanently etched into the basketball lexicon.

Just like that, the middle-schooler throws down his first dunk, earning a pair of Jordan Concord lows that Marcus promised him if he slammed one home before entering eighth grade, and setting the family on a journey that will lead Jalen Green to South America, Asia and onto the radar of salivating NBA scouts. Jalen Green, Jalen Lecque and Tyrese Maxey stoodout at the Nike Elite 100, FIBA U19 World Championship: Team USA Recap. I love it, and I just want to be the greatest that could ever play.". 4:25 pm ET. Jalen Green displays his various awards in the bedroom of his Fresno home. Shot 34.1% 3PT% at the U17 World Cup in 2018. What happens to biological father's rights after stepfather adoption? Johnson, studies every move Green makes, measuring himself against the best he's ever seen.

So Jalen, who actually, without thinking, rolled his shorts again when he re-entered the game and was again sent to the bench, played the rest of the game with what he would consider uncomfortably long shorts. "A year after Jalen was born, I told Jimmy, 'If you don't give me a dime, at least be a father to your son.' The workout is no joke.

Green's family on his mother's side is Filipino, so it was an emotional and eye-opening trip to Manila. Averaged 10.1 points per game at the U19 World Cup in 2019. It may sound silly, but to Jalen, his trademark short shorts are no laughing matter. Covering the impact of coronavirus on the sports world. So, like, I just gotta keep my head on tight. His shirt is pulled halfway up to expose a heaving abdomen lacquered with sweat, his wiry legs protruding from his signature short shorts, gravity pulling his mop of curly, dark brown hair toward the floor. And obviously those are some big coattails to follow, but Kobe just had that 'it' factor, and Jalen's got that 'it' factor.". They aren't typical basketball kicks, which is exactly why Jalen likes them so much. But he's never asked for a day off ... though he came close, once. Green is the No. Three current NBA players -- Brook Lopez, Robin Lopez and Quincy Pondexter -- all suited up for the same mid-2000s squad at Green's high school, San Joaquin Memorial. "I think he's a good judge of character," Bree said of her son's choice of friends. The entire career arc of the nation's top basketball recruit changed course because of a rule preventing players from rolling their shorts. It's true. "He has a lot [of accolades], we just don't -- like I said, he's really humble. They all just looked at me like -- like I'm a king or something.".

"Like, not even on the court. Averaged 1.8 steals per game over the adidas Gauntlet in 2017 and 1.2 steals per game in 2018. Those around Jalen, from family to coaches, use the same phrase to describe his demeanor on the court: "He's got that dog in him.".

A young baller, 13-year-old A.J. © 2004-2020 CBS Interactive. Green lives with his mother, stepfather, younger sister and close friend in a second-floor apartment in Fresno. Even now, in what he calls "the good side of Fresno," Green says there are dangers he has to make a conscious effort to avoid. The first words out of his mouth were to ask his parents how quickly he could get into the gym again. Just two years ago, Las Vegas was the farthest away from home Green had been. My son likes the man and feels that he's very good to his daughter, but doesn't want to give up his visitation rights. "I know he would love to be. Averaged 15.7 points per game at 51.3% FG% at the U17 World Cup in 2018.

Like, not even on the court. It also gave Jalen a taste of the fame he could soon experience from rabid NBA fans. But when the car pulled up in the driveway after the five-hour drive home to Fresno, dreams of basketball dominance had washed away the stains of fatigue. After the late-night mad dash to get supplies, Bree and Marcus spent all night tailoring their son's shorts (Bree took the home whites, Marcus the away blues), and when the ref tried to once again send him back to the bench to start the next night's game, Jalen triumphantly raised the bottom of his jersey, exposing a perfectly hemmed waistline. Favors his right hand when making moves and driving as most of his points in the paint come on right hand drives … Can improve as a playmaker for others.

Because they've been doing something for me the whole time.". "Every time I step on the court, I'm the best on the court," Green, now 16, told CBS Sports. Walking into Jalen's room, you have know idea that he even plays basketball. One minute Green pounds his size 15 sneakers on an inclined treadmill like Ivan Drago in "Rocky IV." This might seem like a lot of time and effort for a pair of shorts, but they're representative of Jalen Green's attitude toward basketball, and life in general. After playing nine games in three days, he was understandably wiped out. The nickname may already have been claimed by the New York Knicks' 7-3 All-Star Kristaps Porzingis, but for Green it takes on a different meaning -- one that he's happy to embrace.

Strengths: 6’5 athletic guard … Solid length with a 6’7.5 wingspan and 8’5 standing reach … Quick first step and in the open floor.

Though he never said it, his parents could tell he needed some time off. Same hairstyle. Nick Saban addressed the elephant in the room. Their son, in the middle of one of the most prestigious high school basketball tournaments in the country, is going through a crisis that can't wait until tomorrow. The improvised surgery isn't taking place on Jalen, though. It started back in sixth grade, when Jalen approached his stepdad with a simple question: "How do I get better?". Even the ref had to marvel at the handiwork as he signaled Green to play on. ", Green's schedule has been jam-packed with basketball for quite some time. Question. So if he wants to look up to me, and I stop doing what I'm doing and I go down the wrong path, then he's gonna be like, 'Dang, I looked up to him.' DeShawn Stevenson, a 13-year NBA vet who entered the league straight out of Fresno's Washington Union High School, has spoken with Green about the possible jump from high school to the NBA. And his team lost, 82-64. It's almost impossible to reconcile what you see in the videos with the young man you meet in person. He just concluded his sophomore year at San Joaquin Memorial, where he walks the beautiful outdoor campus in a form-fitting uniform polo shirt and snug khaki shorts, custom tailored to land about midway down his thighs, just like his basketball shorts. We're like, 'You have to rest your body.' It's only fitting since Jalen's second love behind basketball is animals -- particularly dogs. If I can't roll my shorts I can't do it.' Finishes plays above the rim and thrives in the open floor. On the court you can tell I'm different -- I play different.

From there the wolves became more figurative, when he moved 20 minutes down the highway to Merced, a place Green referred to as "the complete hood." The sun is just starting to set in the clear May Fresno sky, and, after a full day of school, a series of on-camera interviews and a basketball workout in a crusty, windowless old facility called Ryan Gym that looks like it came straight off the "Hoosiers" set, Green is nearing the finish line of his second workout of the day.

He stands next to his mom, who's been sprinkling in strategic words of encouragement throughout the workout -- she's not loud, but her presence is felt. If you're guarding me, and if you're trying to score on me, I'mma lock you up and I'mma get by you and I'mma get a bucket.

Whether it's the highlight dunks, the short shorts, or his blossoming social media presence that reveals a unique and down-to-earth young man, Jalen Green could become a household name sooner than you think. Marcus gently wakes Jalen, and he's promptly serenaded by four words that will change the lives of everyone in the family.

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