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David shares his memories from this episode, saying goodbye to the show, and we get his take on a potential Roy and Angela relationship. This week we're breaking down Ben Franklin. If you have questions for an upcoming episode, visit https://officeladies.com/submitaquestion to file your question there, or email us at officeladies@earwolf.com, This week we're breaking down Cocktails.

Then, we get a historical deep dive on watermarks and paper making, we chat about Michael and Creed’s different versions of damage control, and Angela reveals her all time favorite line from The Office. Kent Zbornak and his wife Shelley got married in the same church. Ken Whittingham Role Director IMDb profile Ken Whittingham was a director for Scrubs. He practiced a lot for this episode. Office Ladies. This community is to discuss the podcast with other fans. If there's anything we missed, or if you have any burning questions you wanted answered about upcoming episodes, please send them to officeladies@earwolf.com with the episode title in the subject line. We're not the experts on The Office, you are! Ken Whittingham is a character who makes a guest appearance in The Golden Girls. At the end Dorothy breaks up with him because they don't love each other enough. Episode count And we aren't stopping there, the shimmy queen herself, Phyllis Smith, sends in audio memories for this episode as well.

Kent Zbornak and his wife Shelley got married in the same church. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. This week we're breaking down Beach Games. Amazon.com: girlfriends - Ken Whittingham.

A collection of fact lists from each podcast for season 3. When there was an episode that would be off the set, they had about 4 days to to find a location and then prepare for how they would shoot at the location. Ken Whittingham is one of the amazingdirectors for The Office. Ex-wife, not seen. In the "Love Under the Big Top" episode in Season 5, Dorothy's new lawyer boyfriend, Ken Whittingham, who seems to have a promising career in her eyes, instead prefers being a circus clown, which threatens the possibility of Dorothy, who believes he is about to propose to her, and he being able to take their already serious relationship from going to the next step. so they had to redo it.

Bob's best man is played by Brian Douglas Hatton. Theme song is Rubber Tree by Creed Bratton. Thank you so much. Love Under the Big Top(Season 5) (October 28, 1989) From the 'Survivor' theme to the challenges that went into shooting Andy floating away in the Sumo suit, we get all of the behind the scenes details! Brian Baumgartner is really singing and playing the drums at the wedding reception. Then we dig into everything you want to know about filming those hilarious scenes with Michael at Ryan's business school, and we get some amazing insights from Brent about what went into picking Pam's watercolor paintings for her art show. Now, beer us another episode. Occupation(s) Ken Whittingham We start with a big boat correction, and we get a wonderful rendition of Heartbreak In The Breakroom by the amazing singer-songwriter Rhett Miller.

Fast Fact: Ken Whittingham directed nine total episodes of The Office. We start things off with some facts about the real Benjamin Franklin, and we get some audio memories from the incredible Andy Daly (Review, VEEP) who played the Ben Franklin impersonator in this episode. And we aren't stopping there, the shimmy queen herself, Phyllis Smith, sends in audio memories for this episode as well.   But they shot it all in one day, so John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson had a rack of clothes to change into for each "day" in the scene. Phyllis' father is played by Hansford Rowe and he passed away in 2017.

Ken Whittingham was a director for Scrubs. Then, we discuss Dwight's solutions to catching a flasher, and we get Angela's grandmother's review of Michael Scott and how long she lasted watching this episode. Ken defends the girls in his clown outift. Then, we go to the room where the fart happened and Phyllis Smith answers all your questions about that scene. Born Fast Fact: The wedding was filmed at The First Christian Church Of North Hollywood in Studio City, and it's a Disciples of Christ church. Then, we dive into the hilarious hot dog eating contest and Angela schools us with her basketball knowledge. Veda, the script supervisor, had to keep track of when they were wearing each outfit. We hope you enjoyed your second drink of these episodes! Dick Van Dyke Phyllis had to keep holding her breath just to get through it. This week we're breaking down Product Recall.

Phyllis' Wedding. Skip to main content. We are joined by this episode's director, Ken Whittingham, who shares his memories of this episode and his time on The Office. Health Care Michael's Birthday The Convention The Merger Phyllis' Wedding Launch Party Night Out Heavy Competition Viewing Party Ken did an interview to be a director on the show. Series appeared on

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