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Luckily, the shifters on this 710 polished up to an elegant luster and functioned flawlessly. It is in pretty excellent condition for a bike of its age. Your's may not have had the same paint options though, just pointing it out. Or some boys may have stood in front of the bicycle shop, gazed the custom bicycle of a veteran cyclist and high grade parts which was in the showcase. Thanks a login advance.Regards,Hannes. Serial number A156601. Looks more like Fuji or an old Schwinn. The entire serial number is J394684. No matter how much crossover between the two models there is, I do hope you enjoy your Miyata, Billy. Finished English translation (Aug. 2012), Part 16: Sannow sports in 1965(?) Other than typical consumable items such as cables, tires, brakes and the like, this 710 is bone stock and proud of it. Oh, and BTW the paint scheme in the 1989 catalog matches my bike perfectly. Thanks for the serial number information.

I bought two 1984 210s, both for $15. It has Shimano brazed on cable guides on top of the BB flanking the seat tube and has Suntour Superbe Pro horizontal drop-outs.As with the above post, if I were to follow the table above, my frame would be a 1987 and not an 88 as per the Jap sticker year.Thanks in advance and I really appreciate it if you can help me. Brake Calipers: Dia-Compe 500 GX; Dia-Compe pads I ride this when the weather breaks in Finger Lakes, NY and love every second on this classic. Hello,I have a black 57cm Miyata 1000 touring bicycle which I purchased new on 1/20/89. 82 watching. I have a '91 Miyata Elevation 1000 mountain bike I bought new and rode for two years I'd like to sell but don't know the value. They were both covered in grime. Thank you - amandah80@gmail.com, I just wanted to Share my appreciation for the helpful research information available in these blogspot Posts/Replies, and in the catalog-scans here: . What do you think? Por la gracia de Dios. I need help. It is in such awesome condition that I think I'd like to find an appreciative buyer rather than put miles on it myself, and use the money toward a race-ready bike.

Otherwise, he will only sell The Mister frames to collectors or high payers. I have a question about Miyata bikes .

Grant, the serial number is on the bottom bracket of the bike frame. No idea why vintage Treks, Raleighs, etc. Cable Housing: Clarks silver; Steel braided https://www.ebay.com/itm/303044133813, Hello,I have a Miyata that serial number under the frame says G659551. If it were O, it would be 1986 made. Please go to www.miyatacatalogs.com and try to find more info abour your bicycle. But like you said, Also has tubulars. It is still in perfect condition. Despite this bicycle coming to me as filthy, worn-out mess, the final product shows that the initial time and component investment by Miyata are some of the reasons why it looks as good today, as it did off the showroom floor. This is my bike! I got an old miyata with serial oc54971 and code axa-5204 come with suntour xcm group. There are some numbers underneath this, but I didn't see them playing a role based on the number scheme up top.

Is it possible that my bike, serial number "ARYD707198" is a Miyata?

Thanks for the compliment, Micah. I figured out all the serial numbers for Miyata Bicycles Made in Japan Since 1972, according with the first letter on the serial number. I recently purchased a TI 6000 The serial number starts with RW, ?

Univegas there were Made By Miyata in Japan after that Univega started to import from other sources, if your bicycle is not in www.miyatacatalgs.com is hard for me to know. I could borrow the catalogs below from friends by their favor. Built and sold with a “triathlon design” this Miyata was a fantastic model for anyone who desired well-built, medium-end frame. 5. From my internet sleuthing, I THINK it's a touring bike, but I'm really not 100% sure.

curiosity has the better of me because according to your guide to age it should be 1982... but looks a little older. Special Features: Scalloped seat stays; Double bottle mount; Single eyelets front/rear; Chain rest; Pump peg. Part 96: Suntour in 1979  New: Jan 1, 2019, Part 107: Suntour in 1992  New: Jan 1, 2019, Part 89: Sansin Matsumoto Factory in 1981, Part 89: Sansin Giken in 1988  New: Dec 31, 2019, Part 60: Shimano Dura-Ace /A4 two-page version, Part 79: Shimano Dura-Ace /details version, Part 90: Shimano Dura-ace AX and 600 AX in 1981.

Bars: Sakae CT Signature I tried looking at the catalogues but could not find any definite model that fits my frame.As identifying marks, it is stamped with serial no PY50196 that only has a Miyata Triple butted Cr-mo sticker with gold surround and Japanese ID sticker with 88 on the Left top side and 00596 in the middle. I utilized all my known sources and eventually came to a pair of supple, black Dia-Compe hoods… That didn’t fit. I have 4 Miyata's that are not jiving with your serial number scheme which appears to be off by a year. Anyone know if the 912 was ever made with a full Campy set up or is this likely a complete upgrade done by someone?

Eventually, the steel bikes take a big step to challenge the international racing fields. I would like to also add that I have a 1987 Team Miyata which starts with O and a 1992 914 and it starts with a T. Just saying. Hi,I just gave my nephew my Miyata with a serial number of D434309. Hi there,There was an abandoned Miyata in our backyard when we moved in. If you have some vintage catalog and be willing to exhibit it in this page, please send it to me. And with triple-butted tubing mated with a strong component group set, even the weekend warrior could feel confident competing. It is kind of turquoise blue and I cannot find the color/style in the old catalogs.

( Log Out /  Either way, I am sorry to say I have no previous pictures but I am, however, quite pleased with the results.

The bike was built up with a lot of components from different brands, including Avocet, Campagnolo, Mafac, Diacompe, Shimano and Sugino. Sometimes abbreviated as Serial No., SN or S/N, a serial numbersticekr is a unique number used for identification and inventory purposeAserial number allows a company to identify a product and get additional information about it, for replacement, or as a means of finding compatible parts.

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