non example of evolution

The well-known British naturalist popularized the idea of "natural selection," speculating that life could originate from non-life through natural means rather than through a living Creator.

Is there any evolutionary, natural selection reason that the human eye should have this ability? There have been and always will be many missing links. For example, any mutation leading to legs forming on fish would clearly provide only a survival disadvantage until the fish was able to run onto shore and escape its prey. While we can decipher these codes retrospectively, just as we can decipher ancient hieroglyphics to derive meaning, it is impossible for such codes to have spontaneously arisen without input from an intelligent designer (God). there is a lack of transitional forms today that should be present if evolution was taking place. The rod type of photoreceptor of the human eye is capable of perceiving a single photon of light, which would be perceived as the dimmest visible star on a clear night. Organisms do have variations in traits and characteristics within that kind of organism, and natural selection does lead to some organisms surviving while others do not. To log in and use all the features of Khan Academy, please enable JavaScript in your browser.

We do not see the expected huge combination of overlapping evolving features and transitional forms because that is not process that is taking place today or in the past. Any change in the DNA of an organism by mutation will almost always have a destructive or at best a neutral effect on the organism.

Basically, this states that you cannot get from point A to point B using any biological or chemical process, even in the lab. One can observe the similarities and differences between organisms and categorize them, and can even speculate that one organism may have arisen (evolved) from another organism.

In this theory, random mutations in DNA lead to new traits in the organism which may provide an survival advantage to that organism in its environment, which increases the chance that the new trait would be passed on to its offspring.

Was four limbs such a tremendous advantage that every descendant organism evolved with four limbs? Why not some with teeth and paws? However, for a complex structure or metabolic pathway to form, evolutionary theory and natural selection require that there be incremental steps leading up to this development. This concept is similar to irreducible complexity, except that it is more process driven. Your email address will not be published. Evolutionary theory scarcely accounts for even the most minimal of the myriad of differences seen between different organisms today. If you look a less advanced organisms you can imagine what steps might be involved in eye evolution, for example, to go from a photosensitive spot on an organism, to an invaginated cup, to a ball the shape of an eye. Evolution is one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time.

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