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There's a whole posse by my house under some huge brushes in Louisville! Unfortunately, they will be in thick cover so you really need to stay focused on their path of travel. Alabama's premier free range hunting lodge - Hamilton, AL. I know of a few spots along the Ark river valley/hwy 50 area if you are interested in driving that far south. Go in-depth with Director Dan Prenzlow on conservation and balancing that with the explosion in population and thirst for outdoor recreation in Colorado. If it’s hot out (even above 40 degrees), you can field dress rabbits right after you shoot them to start the cooling process. Focus on walking habitat edges (e.g., the intersection of a brushy swamp edge and an overgrown field) and take extra time to investigate brush piles, downed tree tops, or other places where a rabbit could hide out. Cottontail rabbits are normally found around old homesteads and are active early in the morning. Although a lot of the private lands have been closed to hunters because some so called sportsmen haven’t taken as good of care as they should and owners simply don’t allow it any more, some still do so please leave it better than you find it when they allow you to hunt. I am not from down south but I would suggest looking for SWAs that allow hunting. Almost every hunter of North America begins their hunting with either rabbits, hares, squirrels, or game birds, usually in their childhood, accompanied by their dad or granddad. Note: When state law differs from Federal law, the hunter must comply with the most restrictive law.​​. Thanks and good luck out hunting!

But still, time after time, the swift cottontails exploded from their squats before we were able to draw a bead on them. i only go about 1 mile past the north end of the res. Anyone know a good place near Fort Collins? After the hide is removed, you should sever all the paws from the legs at the first joints. In winter, they will often travel along trails they have packed down. Colorado hunting is about quiet spaces. You have to be there at the crack of dawn just about to see them. I’m also new at this – two squirrel hunts this season, and looking forward to hunting rabbits next season. Gone various places and my best day has been 5 bunnies. firearms and ammunition. How to Skin and Clean a Rabbit — Steven Rinella MeatEater, Cottontail rabbits are one of the most widely available, easily harvested, and tastiest species of North American game. Quickly pull up on the legs while pulling down and back on the head, which will sever the spine and kill them quickly. Don’t underestimate the demands of a day spent in the field. Depending on where you live, you could be hunting one of several species. The trick is to find habitat that provides some open shooting lanes or to take advantage of early snows to create a contrast advantage that will make the naturally camouflaged cottontail stick out like a sore thumb. Shooting a rabbit that is holding still will produce the most ethical shot, but don’t be afraid to take a shot at a running rabbit. That was, until I first tried rabbit hunting myself. I would like to bag a few rabbits this winter (in PA) and want to keep and use the furs, so I’ll be trying with a .22, figuring this is the best way to come out with intact hides. Snowshoe hares are generally found in more northern settings with conifer trees and bogs. Moving into November, an increasing frequency of cooler nights brings the expectation of morning frost and summer quickly gives way to the fall hunting seasons. And first time hunters will benefit from an introduction to field dressing on a scaled-down level. It’s also one of the few species you can hunt throughout the winter, while seasons for most upland bird and big game species are closed after the New Year. But for many, the splendor of fall reminds us of our first trips afield – hunting small game. And finally, it’s usually easier emotionally for many people to start hunting small game animals. Not used to that much walking for that few rabbits. This not only goes for hunting outside of city limits but on public or private land within city limits as well.

If you do any kind of outdoor activities during the winter, you likely have the gear you need. Good point Matthew. Rabbit Ears Peak near Steamboat Springs. This particular technique has always worked great for my rabbit hunting trips. In the first hour of hunting, we had jumped more than a half dozen rabbits and only had one in the game pouch. But why is it such a good “gateway animal” for new hunters to start on? It’s a great way to start hunting on your own, and they are the perfect gateway animal to the broader hunting world. Even though I’ve been a rabbit hunter and beagle for 30 plus years I’ve really enjoyed the articles on rabbit hunting. go south, then across the river and around to the backside of the res. Rule number one on clothing: don’t wear cotton! I would imagine it should be a good year for rabbits, I've been seeing alot when around when duck hunting and alot when I went deer and bear hunting. Pruning shears work great for that, but you can also use your knife to sever the tendons and work it between the joint.

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