raymond francis beyond health death

Yes, there are some ideas that are kinda out there, and most people would not be able to implement many of them even if they wanted to (not practical at all).

What happened? In the last 35+ years since his recovery, he was on a mission to reach as many people as possible with the message that you don’t have to get sick, that “health is a choice.” He accomplished so much in his 83 years of life, and touched so many in the health community. Raymond passing of natural causes like anyone other older person seems unfathomable and anathema to the lifestyle he lived and so strongly advocated for in his speeches and books. This man was very sick and conventional medicine could not help him. Some of the information is a bit repetitive. It has been said by many that every household should have these books. Everybody should read it if you choose to live healthy. Not only that, but he suggests other brands you can bu.

Cannot seem to find the cause.

I am disturbed that my doctors have lost the ability to think for themselves and open their minds to new (and some really old) ideas about health care. “There is nothing more we can do for you,” his doctors said.

It's an absolutely essential read for everyone. He wrote five books: Never Be Sick Again, Never Be Fat Again, Never Fear Cancer Again, Never Feel Old Again and The Great American Health Hoax. Raymond Francis discusses how anyone can recover their health, regardless of their current condition.

I'm just not convinced yet.

Raymond was a syndicated radio talk-show host for 16 years.

We rarely dine out (except for a weekly foray to a local Lebanese restaurant where we can find inexpensive entrees made from fresh vegetables and lentils.) I would recommend this book.

Somethings I didn't agree with and he missed a major item. I hope to make better and better nutritional choices as time goes by. At age 48, his imminent death was considered a medical certainty. He has made over 2,000 television and radio appearances. When Francis recovered, after the doctors pronounced that there was nothing they could do, he dedicated his life to uncovering the mysteries of what makes cells healthy or die. At times the simplicity of the applications of the principles in the book are quite arrogant and ignorant. We’d love your help. pic.twitter.com/IeOKZE6bDl. This is not nearly enough information . Thanks, Sandra Arizona This departure was confirmed through social media posts made by Twitter users who pour out tributes, and condolences to the family of the deceased. I wish he fleshed out his arguments on why milk and wheat were bad. Francis elegantly explains the reason for all disease.

It's very interesting, although not well referenced. Whole Grains or Low Carbs?

It points out exactly why so many people are getting sick and why their excuses aren't working anymore. Raymond was an inspiration to all who met him, and his knowledge will take us far into providing everyone a healthier future. I try to walk 4 or 5 days a week.

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