rescue 911 robbery

Three men are stranded at sea after their fishing boat fails, Victims involved in a drunk driving accident are taken to, Metro-Dade emergency helicopter picks up two victims shot in a restaurant robbery (, "911 Chatty Burglar" (aka "Chatty Robber", When a nurse is held hostage by an intruder at her patient's house, a 911 dispatcher takes control of the situation and talks to the burglar, A toddler chokes on a marble and two contractors are forced to use the Heimlich maneuver, despite not having any CPR training, A man must deliver his wife's baby with the help of a 911 operator, A 3-year-old boy calls 911 when his mother chokes on a cough drop, A girl accidentally stabs her little brother with a sharp kitchen knife, When a couple calls the police about a peeping tom in an apartment complex, police discover that he is a burglar who murdered other people, A house catches fire while two girls are being, A gun store owner is shot over nine times by armed robbers, A newborn baby receives a heart transplant, A woman's ex-husband breaks into her house and shoots her, When a girl doesn't make it into the seat of the Little Cat, A bear climbs a power pole and gets electrocuted, A woman is trapped in a burning car in front of her sister's house after being accidentally rear-ended by her cousin, A drunk man holds his four-year-old son hostage (, When a teenage girl warn two boys about a storm heading towards them, the boys are struck by, A teenage girl is pinned to the wall by a sofa, A beloved teacher has a heart attack during study hall and two of his former students are the responding paramedics, A fire in a residential hotel leaves a man trapped on the tenth floor, A man suffers an allergic reaction after being attacked by, Burglars try to break in a house with a girl babysitting a baby inside, A neighbor comes to the rescue when a father and his children are trapped in a burning trailer, A man follows a bank robber and calls 911 on his car phone, A paramedic lets an escaped prisoner take him hostage so that he will release an elderly couple, A woman is trapped in her burning house (repeat from, An intruder breaks into a young boy's house and sexually assaults his mother, When police officers are trying to arrest a car thief in a struggle, one of the officers is shot by his own gun by the thief, A truck is stranded in the middle of a flooded, A police dog rescues a woman who was shot and left in the woods for dead by her husband. ", "Ski Heart Puncture; 911 Insulin Shock Dad", "New Orleans Docu Shoot; 911 Jagged Edge Rescue", "911 Accidental Gunshot; Water-Monitor Mayhem", "The Helicopter Horse; 911 Kids in Smoke", "Sister Stop, Drop, Roll; 911 I've Been Shot", "Deaf Save; Venezuela Cave Save (Part 1)", "Venezuela Cave Save (Part 2); Swiss Army Knife", "11-Year-Old CPR Save; 911 Ottawa Bank Bust", "L.A. Children's Hospital Docu; St. Louis Gas Leak", "Racehorse Rescue; Softball Slugger Save", "911 Fast-Food Robbery; Heart Attack Hubby", "911 Smart Vicitim; Speed Boat Upside Down", "Snomos Thru Ice; Russia Rescue (Part 1)", "911 Lightning Husband; San Diego Child Docu", "Convenience Store Hero; Bella's Little Buddy", "Octallio Death Trap; Remorseful Burglar", "Train vs.

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