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(S19327 and S19328). Two registered Soay Ewe Lambs for sale, born April 2020. Lambs are on pesticide free grass. Please see our Battle Meadow website for more information about our flock. Ideal for producing shedding lambs if crossed with Wiltshire, Easycare or Exlana ewes to avoid the need for sheering. Poll Dorset and some South down x Poll Dorset x charollais Breeding Ewes, Grass mowers, friendly sheep. judeelt@btinternet.com     07713159584, Two Birth Notified Soay Ram Lambs for sale which I will register when sold. =============================================. Selection of rams entire or castrated, lams and ewes. Easy pet sheep to keep.

Seller: Ewen Brown. Choice of grey, black, or white with black points. Pm for more info. Based near WOOTTON Bassett. Basket: (0 items) Marketplace Buy something Livestock Registered Soay Sheep - Worcestershire. A small, athletic looking sheep that has something of the look of a gazelle about it. Surplus ewe lambs, sheep. Quiet, friendly and good with children as can be seen in the photo. All have been wormed and crovected. We have two yearlings who had lambs this year, and are well used to coming for food and browse branches.

Foot vax'd. Before you buy please click here to read our page detailing the difference between registered, unregistered and birth notified sheep. 5 x ewes 5 x ewe lambs £60 per life The Soay is generally slaughtered as hogget or mutton as the lambs lack size. Name: Judith Elt Phone:07713159584email:[email protected]County: Warwickshire. All ewes and lambs sold.

Selection of rams entire or castrated, lams and ewes.

All birth notified/registered at sale. Depending on the location, lambing percentages range from 80-90% when left to their own devices but can reach 150% in the lowlands with good management. Foot vax'd. Surplus, been wormed, lambivac, blackleg. Four lovely Jacob castrated ram lambs, born to our ewes in May this year, big healthy lambs with gentle temperaments, ideal for pets, mowing duty or indeed for fattening as store lambs.

Alternative Contact Number: 01620 860964. Handsome dark ram born in 2019, ready for breeding this year, birth notified and to be registered at sale. Heptovac'd, wormed and ready to go.

(Caithness, north Scotland), ============================================================. Fully vaccinated hep and wormed to date and ecto.

The Soay is exceptionally hardy and can survive in the most adverse conditions. Soay fleece has a short staple and some hairs as well as wool.

40kg. Wormed fluked and mvit drenched. Charolais shearing rams for sale. Flock consists of 2 ewes, 2 shearling ewes, 1 ewe lamb, a... Read more >> More >> Pets | Livestock | Sheep | Shaftesbury. From excellent blood lines, Signet Performance Recorded. Photos are welcomed on the understanding that the society may use them elsewhere on this site. Ten month old Hampshire Down ram lamb ready to work. 6-8 January born Ewe lambs for sale. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Given Crovect and Heptavac P Plus. Some individuals are scurred (small, misshapen horns). Copyright © 2020 Anim8design Ltd. All rights reserved.

But now, less than 10,000 remain. The Soay has the most primitive appearance of any British sheep breed and takes its name from the island of Soay in the St. Kilda group. Please contact:Judith Elt in Warwickshire MOSSOAY FLOCK, PERTHSHIRE, SCOTLAND are pleased to offer for sale:-, all lambs are eligible for RBST registration and will be RBST registered unless wethered, More information / contact details on our website: soayflockscotland.com Both beautiful, proven, rare and special. Please email for more info and photos. Strong blood lines linked to Cumbrian sheep. Please contact for anymore info

Sire -Kinver Edge Trojan (S16753). Over the years Soays have been imported on to the mainland but remain rare. Reared outdoors, grass fed but will come to the bucket.

Registered Yearling Ram  –  April 2019 – Good natured – Hep Vaccinated and wormed

Location in N.Cotswolds, email: jstucker@dircon.co.uk and tel: 01386 584233 or 07850815641. Bubble and Squeak, 2 lovely whethered Shetland Sheep. Lambs are small, born easily and are quick to rise.

Situated nr launceston. Must move on as the bloodline is now too close to our breeding flock. All registered pedigree. SOAY. But now, less than 10,000 remain. Have run with the Ram since Oct 10th. Register with SellMyLivestock to see breeders and farmers with Sheep to sell. Rams/Tups left. However, like all sheep breeds they like to wander as “the grass is always greener on the other side”, so there needs to be good fencing to keep them contained. Mobile: 07923078859 email:redbridge21@tiscali.co.uk Rare Breed Coloured Leicester Longwool sheep Listed Endangered in the RBST listing just 500 breeding ewes in UK flock book attend all Show successfully prize winners 7 ewes . £125.00 each. 7 ewes . Both Dark Mouflon and horned. SOAY lambs.

Sire - Kinver Edge Trojan (S16753). Kilvaree Lewis     S19010  – UK 0545753/00016, Email: julia.hamilton@live.co.uk            Website: www.kilvareecroft.com, Contact phone: 07858 817767   Location Argyll, Scotland Please contact for anymore info Been wormed. each and growing. Lambivac,blackleg. Soay and Boreray Sheep Society members can advertise free of charge on this site as part of their £12 annual membership fee.

The Soay ram can be used on commercial type ewe lambs to ensure an easy first time lambing. Contact for further details 5 Gimmers (Born April) 2 Shearling Ram @ £90 per head. They have been running with the ram since Oct 10th. Sire Kinver Edge Trojan (S16753). I have spent a lot of time with them and have... Four good strong and healthy, entire pure bred, but not registered, Lleyn ram lambs born April 2020.

All have been wormed and crovected. We have been breeding pure Soay sheep in West Wales since 1993.

The group 1 genotype, carrying two myostatin genes rocketed to the top price of the day from JE & MS Davies, Aberystwyth based flock and secured by J O Adams & Son, Northampton.

On cornwall Devin border. Come to bucket. Find local native breed products near you! Based in BB6 7LD, I have proven fertile ram 5 years old he is pure bred Southdown ram produced lots of twins, was born from show stock. Visits are welcome. Prices.........From £225 All have been wormed and health... 10 sheep from 4mths to 4yrs Hebridean cross, 10 ewes age range 4mths to 4yrs I have some valais blacknose semen stored at farmgene from the amazing type 1 genotype alpine eureka and highland ferocious. Lambs are on pesticide free grass. Small pedigree shetland sheep starter flock for sale, ideal for those just starting with sheep or for those who are looking to add another breed to their stock. Soay yearling rams - North Wales. Low maintenance breed of sheep Any questions please ask

Hello I have decided to reduce my Herdwick Sheep flock. Poll Dorset and some South down x Poll Dorset x charollais Breeding Ewes, Grass mowers, friendly sheep. Heptovac'd, wormed and ready to go. From a top 5% EBV tup. Ideal starter flock. Wild End flock. Also selling a castrated soay Ram. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 6 months old and quiet to handle, designed to grow attractive soft wool for hand spinning. Fully vaccinated hep and wormed to date and ecto. Excellent selection of prize winning stock with good legs, teeth and true to herdwick type.

Bucket trained. Excellent shedding quality and conformity. 5 lambs born april, 1 of last yrs ewe lambs plus one older ewe, all in great condition. 6-8 January born Ewe lambs for sale. Tup also available message me for more details. Come to bucket. Fleece weight 1.5- 2.25kg.

All are very tame I have got 3 ewes, one was born April the other two are about 3/4 years... Badger faced lambs for sale, lovely markings and temperment. ====================================================, Two Registered Soay Ewe Lambs for sale born April 2020. Sabre of Melbury Hill born 4/17, twin, fawn katmoget Has sired every year and has produced some fantastic lambs including 1 set of triplets (rarer in shetlands). Various prices, Yearling Hill Radnor ram from well established flock. Wiltshire cross shearling tups for sale.

At the dawn of the 20th Century, 2.6 million heavy horses were working in the UK.

19 Ewes. In 2015 we changed our name to The Soay and Boreray Sheep Society to reflect the association with both breeds. To advertise on the website please email your advertisement to Kerry Gibb – soayandboreray@gmail.com.

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