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Yet in their mind, she was already guilty. Your email address will not be published. He strung her along, played with both women’s emotions, and after saying he would join her in Oregon, reneged and stayed with his wife. Only in Hollywood and in Ann Rule’s books, would you find such fantasy: Relevance? Maybe that her mom was obviously not well after spending her life in prison so it would have been a good idea to meet the Downs’s family quietly and get the jest of it. I love you.' Janssen Acerola Vitamin C Mask, St Dominic's Preview Lyrics Meaning, I guess he did not want too many people to know about the improprieties that happened in his courtroom: “I guess”? I enjoyed your take, and agree their are several reasons with this, and let’s be honest…every other case ever prosecuted, to take pause and question… but Diane continues to lie, make up brand new stories about people after her, and has made no moves to better herself in any way shape or form while she’s been in prison, by her own admission. Why does the blogger not clarify this? He failed. Every time, she said she did not know, they told her to think again and made suggestions. It is also very is to clean. Yes, but it is a fact that she was starting to say that she did not know who shot them when it happened. But I am more than willing to review any new info. And the fact that Tracy wrote in his notes that Christie’s reaction could have been excitement to see her mom but they decided to only mention extreme fear? The trial was a whole miscarriage, that seems undeniable. And some are even contradictory: she’s mentally ill, but also not mentally ill; the site owner wants to focus on pure facts, yet ignore other facts; things happened in court, but those are irrelevant to what else what also happened in court, etc. Regardless of the facts you point out, there is no doubt in my mind that Diane Downs is guilty. The Lifetime channel constantly makes movies based loosely on the truth; this approach is an effective weapon aimed at swaying public opinion about high-profile cases. This was all logged in Christie’s hospital reports and is found in the Appendix of the petition filed in Federal Court in 1996 in the section Hospital Reports.”. That single fact collaborated by a witness, convicts her for me. Everything was in the bag and ready for trial. The surgeon who helped to save Christie's life told ABC News: “When I looked at Christie I thought she was dead. I personally disagree with that practice but it is common. I had visited Dr. Billings site several times and it is too bad that it was removed. Not exclusively a USA trait, this happens also in many countries, but in a technologically advanced superpower like USA this attitude is more shocking, and maybe also more worldwide spread. Diane was in the hospital for a bone graft from June 2nd until June 6th, 1983. And Ann Rule said that the unicorn that was omnipresent in court was part of the premeditation. My question is: why is she still locked up? Simply because I researched them. I think that Van Houten was recommended for parole by a system that assessed that after 40 years, she was not a threat to society and a reformed woman. Diane now had the title of dangerous offender. Join Facebook to connect with Daniel Hugi and others you may know. I am not saying that Diane was a saint or Ann Rule a demon. On June 2nd, 1983,  Juvenile Court Judge Gregory Foote held a hearing to take Christie and Danny away from ALL blood family (thus isolating them). Or can have an accomplice. And that Ann Rule took advantage of the situation to sell her book. Why aren’t you debating the faulty ballistics, and the fact that the gun they affirmed was used in the commission of the crime was not the right one? So it looks and sounds like she is getting special treatment because of her notoriety. Diane herself stated Cheryl was asleep on the front floorboard completely covered up with Diane’s jacket how the hell did a stranger or a hitman(one of Diane’s OTHER stories) KNOW Cheryl was there. Diane Frederickson was born August 7, 1955 in Phoenix, Arizona. Not our place to decide. It was cited that she keeps her emotions close to the vest.

For other inquiries, Contact Us. Like in their movies. I mention in the blog that Diane’s mental health is in question so it is obvious that her encounter with her long lost daughter was going to be difficult. By the time she arrived at the hospital, Cheryl, seven, was already dead and the other two children had suffered devastating injuries. There were a few calls and on one occasion, The most frequent remarks I hear about the case when confronted by the state misconduct and the lack of evidence are gut feelings ”, So the hell with no gun, no GSR, no blood and no witnesses except a sick child who denied knowing who shot them until she could not anymore and happened to be adopted by the prosecutor; making it look like she could never change her mind and reveal that she has no memory of the shooting and maybe have the case reversed. I do not declare her innocent. May be the guy who says he did it. Three weeks after the crime, Judge Foote from family courts, removed Danny and Christie from the care of Diane Downs and her family. When the three children were brought into McKenzie-Willamette Hospital on May 19, the scene was "an emergency physician's nightmare," in the words of John Mackey, the doctor in charge that night. It was known as Manic Depression. But if you compare them, and if stranger there was, there are similarities but it is not dead on.

statement regarding the effects of the children’s medications while in hospital should acknowledge where the blogger obtained information about the side effects.). things they accomplished was proving that neither Steve Downs nor had been swept from her custody, she was indignant, and sought "Somebody just after being wheeled to Emergency.

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