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“I have learned and grown from this experience.”.

If one fancies him or herself any level of “Pop culture fanatic” over the last 20 years, the name Touré Neblett is one that should ring a bell. R. Kelly don’t have to apologize cause he ain’t do anything wrong. Born in Boston on March 20, 1971, Touré Neblett attended Emory University from 1989-92.

Biography. “I am sorry for my language and for making her feel uncomfortable in any way. So then, how do we expect them to really not want these moments?”, In January 2013, shortly after the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling, Touré suggested that there is “something undeniably misogynist about the impulse to deny a woman’s dominion over her own body and limit her ability to shape her life—and impose another sense of morality on her.” Reflecting on a time when he himself had unintentionally impregnated a girlfriend, Touré said: “She decided it was best to have an abortion and days later she did, we did, and in some ways that choice saved my life.”, In March 2013, Touré claimed that the prominent black conservative Ben Carson had “intellectual tumors in his mind,” as evidenced by his support for a variety of “unserious ideas” such as a flat tax.

He is not bothered by this negative press and I told him to keep his head up and use it to his advantage to promote his new music.

Like you said, the documentary was just “stories”.

There is no uniform consensus among people of what age is a person an adult verses a child. She wrote: “He couldn’t stop asking me to do anal, how I looked naked, if I had sex over the weekend, what it would be like to f*** me.”. How the f*** is it Okay. Early in his broadcasting career, Touré speculated on a number of occasions that the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon had actually been carried out by the U.S. government. That was a horrible apology. I thought the same thing! That man is a p******** and he is sick and everybody that assisted him and is supporting hims is sick as well.

A lot of people feel strongly that anyone under the age of 21 is underage despite the law stating otherwise.

He seems like a querky airhead. Kelly strongly denies all abuse allegations made against him - but has yet to comment publicly on reports he is being investigated by police in Georgia.

A MUSIC journalist featured in documentary series Surviving R Kelly has been accused of harassment by a make-up artist who claims he bombarded her with lewd comments and pestered her for sex.

“This disrespect of this human being cannot be disconnected from the fact that he’s black,” he said.

There, he founded the school’s black student newspaper, The Fire This Time, which heaped praise on numerous anti-Semites, black supremacists, and conspiracy theorists whom Touré helped bring to campus as guest speakers. How dare you agree with this s***.

“The lack of awareness is a big part of the problem,” Touré elaborated, claiming that if white people understood the degree to which their skin color advantaged them they would be more accepting of Black History Month: “So I propose we shatter that lack of awareness. Yet is is okay for grown ass men to stick their d*** inside of littles girls and touch them and have sexual relationships with them. They probably need to send the police to your house I bet they will find all kinds of sick s***. Since June 2012 he has co-hosted The Cycle on MSNBC. How do you explain a grown ass man pissing on a 14 year old. “I worked with him most of 2017, I left in October, before he got fired,” she claimed.

You are just as bad. http://bit.ly/12AOlN.” On another occasion he tweeted: “How could a plane crash into the Pentagon? A clear example of don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house; everyone quick to bash Kelly when they ass are getting clocked too. Ariana Grande’s ‘Positions’ Album Set To Sell…, Doja Cat Claps Back At Fans Who Criticized Her For Attending Halloween…, Ciara Transforms Into Megan Thee Stallion For Halloween, Ciara Recreates Cardi B’s ‘Invasion of Privacy’ Album Cover For Halloween, Beyonce Talks Ownership, ‘Black Is King,’ Ivy Park, Family, & Future With…, Hot 100: Ariana Grande Makes History As ‘Positions’ Debuts at #1, The Predictions Are In!

679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. R. Kelly was publicly stating he has “friends that are 19” and instead of diving into it deeper the interviewer too biased to use the opportunity to talk about why many people strongly feel 19 is still too young!

Dani claims Neblett apologized for his infraction at the time, but she is speaking up now about the nearly two year old incident because she’s seen him offer commentary on the likes of Harvey Weinstein and R. Kelly as both are facing allegations of sexual harassment. The genius of it is that it works just as white privilege does: you need do nothing to activate it. According to the National Review, MSNBC’s Touré Neblett, who serves as co-host of The Cycle, reportedly owes more than $59,000 in back taxes. I personally think your a trashbag!

I can choose to believe them or choose not to believe or choose not to care. Maybe then you’ll have a shred of decency and empathy. When disco singer Donna Summer died in May 2012, for example, Touré suggested “there was a homophobic, and to a certain extent racist, response against disco … from large group of fans who wanted to proclaim the resurgence of white male power, of rock ‘n roll and punk.” “I have never seen a movement in America to crush a musical genre in the way that the sort of almost organized anti-disco movement rose up,” he added.

Touré Neblett was one of the stars of the podcast talking about the sex allegations surrounding US singer R Kelly. You chose ignorance and you are hiding behind that laptop because no one can check your ass and show was a base level crackerjack you are. Touré Neblett's participation in Surviving R. Kelly backfired. “I accepted his apology and was ok to move on but, you can’t be a sexual predator and go around shaming other predators,” she said.

These MEN are ANIMALS. The latest to share their story is a makeup artist who worked with none other […] Aint nothing wrong with an older man dating younger women.

As a lead on the show, I should have refrained from this behavior. 1 Till was a 14-year-old black teen who in 1955, after making lewd advances towards a white woman, was kidnapped by two white men in Mississippi who then beat him, gouged out one of his eyes, shot him in the head, and dumped his body into the Tallahatchie River.

You sexually harassed her idiot.

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If one fancies him or herself any level of "Pop culture fanatic" over the last 20 years, the name Touré Neblett is one that should ring a bell. I’d say let’s do something entirely crazy. SICK F***! Embattled R&B legend R. Kelly has learned his request to be released from prison due to fear of contracting COVID-19 has been denied. The author of five books, Touré has appeared on television as a pop-culture correspondent for CNN, MSNBC, BET, and other networks.

The programme exposed claims that Kelly had forced women to have sex with him when they were underage and held them prisoner.

Your email address will not be published. [T]his is niggerization.

geesh!! S*** he’s APPOLOGIZED sadly R.Pedophilia won’t apologize because he feels what he’s doing ISNT WRONG!!??‍♂️. B**** there are FACTS that proves this man is a sick f*** and needs to be locked up.

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B**** you prolly out here touching little kids too.

I said what I said and ain’t sh|t you can do about it b|tch. Columnist at TIME dotCom Bhd.

Required fields are marked *. @Generous.. – I know right! Toure Neblett.

Some people even think that a man is an adult when he turns 18 but a girl is not a man until she is 21.

According to Touré, Carson has been cynically exploited by Republicans who “need” him to be their token “black friend” in order “to make themselves feel [that they are] not racist,” and to thereby “assuag[e] their guilt.” Moreover, Touré maintains that Carson benefits from “the GOP’s version of affirmative action, where black faces that can spit conservative game get raced to the front of the line.”, On February 14, 2014, Touré described Black History Month as a “sort of affirmative action for facts—that one month where black facts are ushered to the front of the bus, and then in March, it’s back to the back of the bus.” Regarding those who perceive a double standard and ask why there should not also be a White History Month, he said: “It sounds like fish not noticing water … [or] being a kid with all the toys in the world, and going to a birthday party and getting mad because another kid has a toy.”.

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