what is best toyota camry ever

And the best of all the generations of Camrys is the 1992 version.

Add your own complaints to CarComplaints.com’s database. Toyota is iconic. Wow. In case you don't know, the "FJ" in the title denotes engine type (F) and Jeep (J), and the "40" stand for the chassis series. The cost of those issues makes the 2008 Toyota Camry particularly problematic. FUN. The largest number of complaints were centered on stripped head bolts, which cost an average of $2,887 to fix. But that doesn't tell the whole story. Still mad about it. Who said fun?

In fact, they’ve built some of the most revolutionary cars the world has ever seen. It was that longer and more aggressive front end that had enthusiasts singing, along with its independent suspension, inline 6-cylinder engine (145 horsepower, 155 lb.-ft. of torque), retractable headlights (how eighties!

It wasn’t a runaway hit overnight, but started to pick up serious momentum in the mid-80s.Today, the Camry is in its 11th production generation.

It spawned legions of fans thanks to its racer-boy vibe, accessibility, and the ease with which it could be altered, customized, and boosted. It's true that the 1958 model – the first Toyota to be sold in the U.S. – was a sales failure. Through the years, the Toyota Camry has been synonymous with quality, but there are definitely better years that others, and particular years that can be problematic. In continuous production since 1955, the Crown led Toyota's rebirth after World War II, and became the company's emissary around the world. Introducing one of the most beautiful cars ever – the Toyota 2000GT. The current generation Camry — since 2011 — seems to have been providing trouble-free service for a lot of people. Yes.

Which is what Toyota was so good at doing back then: a fun car with a practical side, one that tried hard to minimize compromise while maximizing enjoyment. For Toyota, it was another step in the direction of redefining itself to American car buyers, away from the purveyor of basic transportation and toward a brand that built fun cars as well. Hey, here's a thought: Stop scanning this list for a second and look at this damn car.

By now, you know that the Camry sitting in your driveway is from Kentucky.

Do you think the greatest Toyota Camry is not towards the top of the list? List of the best Toyota Camrys of all time, ranked from best to worst.

XV10 Camrys were available with an inline-four and a V6. The Crown and the Corolla are perfect examples of names that have lasted over decades and generations. Consider Another Car: 2007 to 2009 Toyota Camry 4-Cylinder.

And maybe no Camry being produced in Kentucky. Multiply that across 52 (and counting) years – and over 40 million sold – and you've got greatness.

For the FJ40 generation, what matters is that the Land Cruiser was a simple, rugged, and capable truck with a classic look in soft-top or hard-top varieties. First introduced here in 1968, it took just two years for American consumers to snap up 1 million copies.

Getting there in a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 would be a safe bet, and an extraordinary choice. Made in America, which soothed our jingoistic inner-child. Vehicles like the 2000GT, Supra, MR2 – and yes, that Camry – are part of a legacy of greatness that has played out on our highways. Sure, there have been fun cars since, but the eighties seemed to be the time when Toyota decided to lighten up a bit, let their hair down, and have some fun.

Find out what years to avoid. Never got one. Yep. 185 complaints in the 2007 model year were related to the oil consumption issue. Is there a car that better defines Toyota in America? The maker of the Corolla shocks the world with the ultimate: a Toyota 2000GT. For close to 20 years, enthusiasts have been asking the same question: When is the Supra coming back? Today, you can go to an auction and bid on one – if you're lucky and have $1 million or more handy. But that's not why this car is great. Want to go somewhere?

It's always good to have a vehicle that eschews the practicality of the Highlander for the romance of a go-anywhere weekend. It also served to make a point: the best cars do great things simply, even if that great thing is climbing mountains and traversing the world – after the road ends. Because being wild, fun, and slightly insane is what made the '93 Supra special. Hmm. It was too small, too heavy, and totally underpowered. Be sure to vote so that your opinion is represented. Chances are good you know someone who once owned a Corolla – and someone else who’s thinking about buying one. First seen in the U.S. in the early sixties, it quickly became a best (and only) seller until around 1965, keeping the automaker's presence in the U.S. viable until the Corolla came around. You can only sell boring for so long, until people, well, get bored. The Celica came out with a liftback version in 1976 and was named Motor Trend Import Car of the Year. It came with lowered suspension, a body kit, rims and strut tower braces. Of those, 24 complaints required a replacement engine. The Toyota Crown is a proud and founding member of the Hall of Automotive Greatness. Latest Election Results as the votes are counted in key states, Brooklyn gangster who kidnapped rapper Tekashi69, gets 24 years in prison, Joe Biden picking up ground in Georgia, Pennsylvania as thousands of mail-in ballots remain up in the air, Howard Stern shocked that Trump wasn’t crushed on Election Day, Two stabbed, one fatally, on Queens street; teenager in custody, Trump gaining steam in Arizona where Joe Biden still holds lead, Teen arrested after teacher sees him having oral sex with 7-year-old girl during break in online class, Angry Trump supporters protest outside Maricopa County Elections Department in Phoenix, sparking tense standoff, Killer of pregnant woman who delivered baby before dying waited in car for 90 minutes before shooting: prosecutors, 'Count every vote’ NYC peaceful protest ends quietly while other demonstrators clash with cops; multiple arrests, ‘Seemed like a sociopath’: Friends were leery of bodybuilder accused of fatally beating Queens girlfriend before throwing her out 6th-floor window, Federal judge furious at Postmaster Louis DeJoy after USPS defies order to search for missing ballots, Biden wins Michigan in major blow to Trump as victory appears near for the Democrat, Kidnapped Los Angeles firefighter found dead in Mexico, Brooklyn teens wrongly held inside Domino’s Pizza by staff who suspected them of crime: suit, Convicted felon Lori Loughlin is already a ‘wreck’ just days after reporting to prison: report, SEE IT: Bernie Sanders predicted exactly how whirlwind election night would play out for Trump, Tunnel dwellers flock to NYC subway as temperatures drop, How many of you want Kanye West to be president?

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