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RAW 2008", "WWE SmackDown! Raw(R) 2009", "Three WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 Game Information", "WWE SmackDown! Raw Game Information", "Pre-E3 2004: Smackdown vs. This is my attempt at creating a perpetual WWE roster depth chart. The series was first published by THQ until 2013, when Take-Two Interactive's 2K Sports took over. Here Comes the Pain (PS2)", "WWE SmackDown!

tier. WWE Champions Tier List By Punisher. vs. Best wrestling commentator of all the times!

[1] The series was published by Yuke's and known as Exciting Pro Wrestling in Japan until 2005. WWE Roster List Hierarchy of Superstars & WWE Depth Chart of Wrestlers. It was also the last WWE game to be released on the Wii; as well as the final WWE game on any Nintendo console until, The PC version was not released in physical format. Best wrestler of all time. WWE Champions. JOBBER:Generally speaking, these guys can't even make it on Main Event and if you do see them, you know for a fact they're going to lose and stand no chance.

The WWE roster for Raw and SmackDown wrestlers, despite how it may not seem like it at times, is in fact a hierarchy of importance.

RAW 2006 World Premiere", "WWE SmackDown vs. Crusierweightchampionship 2016 tournament.

Just Bring It Game Information", "World Wrestling Entertainment to drop the "F" to emphasize the "E" for Entertainment", "WWE SmackDown! Raw Unveiled - IGN", "WWE SmackDown! Chose from hundreds of custom templates or create your own The WWE roster for Raw and SmackDown wrestlers, despite how it may not seem like it at times, is in fact a hierarchy of importance. RAW 2007 Game Information", "The Number One Fighting Videogame Franchise Returns to the Virtual Ring with WWE(R) SmackDown(R) vs. Copyright 2009-2020: Smark Out Moment - a web branch off A Mango Tree, an Anthony Mango company. Create a BracketFight template in seconds by importing images from a TierMaker template. Use our Tier List Maker to generate your free Tier List and share it with your friends. WWE 2K Games (formerly WWF SmackDown!, WWE SmackDown!, WWE SmackDown vs. גברים בטייץ1.

They're perpetually at the main event level even if they don't show up that often. This was the final game to be released under the, American and Australian cover art features, "Lord of Darkness Special Edition" cover art features, This was the last game published by THQ. vs. wwe 2k20 my career universe #7 - backstage interview! This is the first game in the series to be released on five major gaming platforms.

[2][3] Initially, the series was exclusive to PlayStation video game consoles, and was featured in all of the seventh generation consoles by 2008. Raw 2007, THQ took over as the Japanese publisher and the series adopted the western name.

2019-11-25: exposing the worst wwe youtuber i've ever seen: 2019-11-19: wwe 2k20 my career universe #6 - round of 16 shenanigans! RAW 2010 Game Information", "THQ REPORTS FISCAL 2011 THIRD QUARTER RESULTS", "WWE SmackDown headed to PC online market", "E3 2011: WWE '12 Release Date and Cover - PlayStation 3 News at IGN", "Brock Lesnar named WWE 2K17 cover Superstar", "Seth Rollins named WWE 2K18 cover Superstar", "#WWE2K18 will not be released on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360", "AJ Styles is Your Phenomenal WWE 2K19 Cover Superstar", "Longtime developer Yuke's is out of the WWE 2K picture", "WWE 2K20: Cover Stars, Collector's Edition, Game Modes Announced", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_WWE_2K_Games_video_games&oldid=987031094, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Was the first WWF video game released on the PlayStation 2, Was the final video game released under the WWF acronym, as the.

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